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Harrisburg Front Doors

Replacement Front Doors Refresh Harrisburg Homes

Whether made of fiberglass or steel, your entry door can say a lot about your home. Your front door welcomes guests, enchants passersby, and it can speak to your personal style or the history of your home.

Traditional architecture is prominent throughout Harrisburg and neighboring cities — charming townhomes in Harrisburg, split-level ranches in Colonial Park, Tudor-influenced homes in Lancaster, and lovely Colonial homes in York. From Harrisburg to Lancaster, Chambersburg to Lebanon, find the Pella replacement front door that suits your style.

Commonly known as: main door, entry door, entrance door, exterior front doors

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Popular Local Trends & Styles

Front Door with Glass

Pairing glass elements with your front door can add personality while also providing natural light. Transom windows above the front door are common elements of center hall Colonials and narrow townhomes for their ability to bring additional light into the entry. A pair of sidelights framing the door or even a window pane on the door itself, are also glass options to consider.

Wood-look Front Door

Wood-look doors are common on more traditional homes, like many of those found around Harrisburg. Great for homeowners who want the classic look without the upkeep of a traditional wooden door, Pella fiberglass entry door with a wood-look finish give the same aesthetic with less maintenance.

Storm Doors

Storm doors are a popular choice among homeowners in parts of the country that experience all four seasons like Pennsylvania. Typically consisting of glass or screen1 panels that are interchangeable or retractable, glass storm doors can help protect your front door from precipitation and extreme temperatures while screen doors provide an option for increased ventilation during mild weather.

Modern Front Doors

Traditional homes might be popular around Harrisburg, but interest in sleek hardware and matte black finishes continues to rise. You can freshen up the look of a more traditional style home by adding a new front door with a modern twist. For a contemporary look, consider a clean-lined door and hardware with a high-contrast finish, like polished chrome or matte black.

Harrisburg Climate Recommendations

Low-E Protection

Entry doors with panes of glass with Low-E may help keep your home insulated, blocking out the cold and helping keep the heat in.

Fiberglass Windows or Doors

For good insulation and protection from drafts and leaks, choose fiberglass entry doors.

Winter Weather

Winter brings bitter cold temperatures and frozen precipitation. Help protect your door from the elements with a storm door from Pella.

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