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Holiday Home Window and Outdoor Décor for Your Harrisburg Home

Posted on December 23, 2020 in Pella Windows & Doors of Harrisburg

This year more than ever homeowners are looking for ways to spread holiday cheer without being able to be physically close to their friends and family. Windows have become more important than ever before, protecting us while allowing us to still connect with those we love. We spread this positivity with #HopeAtWork earlier this year, and now we’d like to share some of our favorite holiday window décor to help you add some holiday cheer to your friends, family, and neighbors from afar.

holiday home

Window Clings

From bright white snowflakes to cute red reindeer, decorating your windows to say a big "Happy Holidays!" to your neighbors is not only a great way to spread holiday cheer, but make it a DIY project and it’ll occupy your kiddos for an afternoon too.

Light-Up Snowflakes

One of our favorites we’ve seen this year are bright, light-up snowflakes you can hang from your curtain rods or simply from your window trim! Plug them in so your friends and neighbors can see them both day and night.

Wreaths and Garlands

Wreaths are great for decorating your Pella entry door, but they can be used for your windows too! Add some twinkly lights and garland for a picturesque view.

Window Presents

We love this one as it makes your window the present by putting a big bow on it. Buy these at the store or DIY them with your kids for a cute and festive holiday project. You can even use the extra-large ribbon you can get at the store for these.

Great Big Paper Ornaments

This is another great DIY with the kids, but is also nice as it doesn’t have to involve sticking things to your windows. Simply use thin ribbon and a paper punch to punch a hole at the top of the handmade paper ornament and hang it from your curtain rod.

Festive Curtains

Simple, yet still in the holiday spirit. An easy way to decorate for the holidays and change up the look of your family room is by getting festive window curtains. If snowflakes and reindeer aren’t your style, look into some deep velvet green or maroon curtains for a cozy and chic look.

Feature Your Tree

Feature your tree in the middle of your windows to hit two birds with one stone. Your tree is all nice and decorated and you get to show it off to all your friends and neighbors when you choose to leave the curtains open.


Lights, of course, are a go-to for outside décor, but don’t forget how great they can look from the inside too! Try framing your home’s windows with lights on both the inside and outside for an extra festive glow.

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