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Importance of Replacement Windows During the Colder Months

Posted on December 29, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Harrisburg

Exterior of home with various window styles

Replacing your windows has many benefits, especially with the cold weather that Harrisburg experiences. Let's discuss the importance and benefits of window replacement here!

Harrisburg Window Replacements Provide Better Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is vital for any home; it keeps your home comfortable year-round and can help lower your utility bill. For example, energy-efficient windows are necessary for the winter, so the cold isn't transferred into your home. Unfortunately, the effect of a draft in your home can make it uncomfortable and also means that your heating system will need to work harder to warm your home, leading to a higher energy bill. The solution is simple: install new energy-efficient windows!

At Pella, we have several energy-efficient window options, including those that have been ENERGY STAR certified to keep your home comfortable and save you money on energy bills. We have various options for window frames that you can choose from to match your home's style. We offer wood, vinyl and fiberglass windows:

  • Our wood windows are remarkable for their style versatility; they can complete your home's traditional or contemporary aesthetic. Our wood Lifestyle Series windows are also fantastic for energy efficiency and noise control.
  • Our vinyl windows are ideal for homeowners looking for a high-quality window that fits within their budget. Our vinyl windows are low maintenance and energy efficient, giving you performance at an affordable price.
  • Our fiberglass windows offer extreme durability and low maintenance and are also great for achieving a modern look.

Gray home with white windows and wood door

Avoid Drafts With Replacement Windows in Harrisburg

Drafts bring cold air through your windows and can make your home uncomfortable and force your heating system to work harder, making your energy bill more expensive. Replacing your windows can help eliminate drafts that your old windows may have. Unfortunately, old windows are also more susceptible to mold and mildew. Old windows can have poor seals that let in moisture from rain, snow and ice, and a buildup of condensation can lead to damage. At Pella, we ensure that your windows are properly installed and have a tight seal. The new windows will help protect against drafts and the elements. Our windows are engineered to last and are tested to the extremes, so you can feel confident in your windows during the harsh winter month.

Boost Your Harrisburg Home's Curb Appeal 

New windows can enhance your home's exterior appearance and increase your property's value. Replacing your windows is also great for the holiday season. And without worrying about condensation, your new windows will allow you to see the beautiful winter landscape outside!

In addition, windows can have a significant impact on the look of your home. For example, installing new black, fiberglass windows can help achieve a modern exterior aesthetic. In contrast, adding double-hung wood windows can maintain the historical value of your home while improving its performance to provide you with a more comfortable and efficient home.

Window replacement is also a good option in terms of curb appeal if you have windows that are damaged or do not function properly. Not only do old and damaged windows cause drafts, but they can also hurt the appearance of your home. Replacing your windows can help elevate the look of your home while improving its quality, performance and durability.

Large white window in kitchen

Pella of Harrisburg Works With Homeowners In and Around Harrisburg

Take a look at some local projects we've done to improve the homes of local Harrisburg homeowners:

  • This Reinholds, Pennsylvania homeowner wanted to install energy-efficient windows in their kitchen. We were able to help them achieve this by installing our wood windows. The new wood windows were stunning and provided excellent energy efficiency. The casement windows also featured triple-pane glass for added energy efficiency.
  • We installed windows throughout this Harrisburg, Pennsylvania home's sunroom. The new vinyl windows were budget-friendly, high quality and full of style. The sliding and picture windows also provide a significant amount of glass space, which enabled more natural light to fill the room. In addition, the vinyl windows are energy efficient and will keep the sunroom at a comfortable temperature year-round.
  • The new addition to this New Freedom, Pennsylvania home needed to match the rest of the house and provide amazing performance. Our double-hung wood windows were the best solution! The white windows matched the rest of the home, and the double-hung style offered great functionality. The new wood windows also have excellent energy efficiency and sound control to keep the home comfortable year-round.

Replacement windows have many benefits and can help you reach your style and performance goals. Schedule a free in-home consultation to learn more and get started on a window replacement for your Harrisburg home.

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