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Pella Windows Add the Finishing Touch to Rural Harrisburg Homes

Posted on January 09, 2023 in Pella Windows & Doors of Harrisburg

White farmhouse with black windows

There are a variety of home styles throughout the Harrisburg area, many of them in rural neighborhoods with farmhouse features. Today, we will go over some key characteristics of farmhouses and how Pella can help you find the perfect windows for this style.

Best Windows for Farmhouse-Style Homes

Farmhouses have some key characteristics that make them recognizable. For example, many farmhouses are simple in design and architecture, employing primarily square or rectangular shapes. These homes also feature large, covered front porches, large kitchens, and barn doors.

In addition, there are several recurring materials and textures found in farmhouses, including wooden floors and natural surfaces. Some style options include having numerous windows throughout the home, a gabled or A-shaped roof, barn-style lighting, and board-and-batten siding with horizontal siding that is typically white. To accommodate these unique stylistic considerations, these are the best windows to consider.

Double- or Single-Hung Windows

Double- or single-hung windows provide a classic look that is perfect for farmhouse-style homes. For example, you can create a symmetrical look with double-hung windows on either side of the entryway or use them in combination with each other to create visual appeal. Double-hung windows are also remarkable for their ventilation, unlike single-hung windows, as they have two operable sashes to introduce fresh air to your home from the top or bottom of the window.

Casement Windows

Black casement windows behind sink

Casement windows are also great for maximum ventilation. Casement windows work well in farmhouses because they offer large areas of glass, which let in natural light and, when open, plenty of fresh air. You can also use these windows to modernize your farmhouse home, especially if you choose to go with a black finish. The style's long, sleek lines will naturally add a contemporary feel to the home’s overall look.

Casement windows also pair excellently with fixed windows to increase natural lighting.

Farmhouse Window Enhancements

There are many options to choose from when it comes to customizing your windows. One way to add style and visual appeal is by adding grilles. Colonial grid patterns in particular are a popular choice for farmhouse windows, but traditional grilles will always add charm to any window. You can also choose to get grilles on only the top part of sashed windows, such as single- or double-hung windows, leaving the bottom portion unobstructed while the top adds visual appeal to your home's exterior.

As far as finishes go, we offer many that would go great with farmhouses. White windows are pretty typical, but other finishes like gray, brown or a natural wood stain also go very well with this style of home. Black windows are stunning and can give your house a modern aesthetic. They look especially beautiful in contrast to homes with white or light-colored siding.

Black windows on the exterior of a home

Read about the window replacement journeys of these local Harrisburg homeowners: 

  • This Lebanon, Pennsylvania, home made some upgrades recently. We installed double-hung and picture windows, along with wood entry doors and sliding patio doors. These windows and doors helped improve the home’s functionality. The black windows also showcased the home’s character and added to its style.
  • We installed our windows into a new addition on this New Freedom, Pennsylvania, home. The white wood windows matched the style of the rest of their home perfectly, while also providing excellent energy efficiency and noise control.
  • This Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, home featured a unique style and colors and was in need of modern, low-maintenance windows. Our team suggested our Impervia fiberglass windows due to their durability and low-maintenance qualities, which turned out to be the perfect choice. The new black casement windows provided the modern style and clean lines that the homeowner was looking for.
  • We helped in this Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, home rebuild by installing wood windows throughout the home. The casement windows feature black aluminum cladding. The new black windows contrast beautifully with the home's warm wood exterior.  

Windows styles like double-hung and casement windows are a great way to enhance your home’s traditional farmhouse look while adding style, ventilation, energy efficiency and ease of use. Get started on your farmhouse replacement window process by scheduling a free in-home consultation with the Pella of Harrisburg team!

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