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Reach Your Harrisburg Home Goals With Pella

Posted on April 07, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Harrisburg

New construction home with wood Pella Lifestyle windows

When replacing your windows and doors, you may have many goals in mind; you may want to improve your home's curb appeal, or it is simply time to update your windows and doors. At Pella, we are here to help you reach whatever goals you want to achieve with your windows and doors, whether it be improving style, performance, function or all of the above. Let's take a look at some projects we did in Harrisburg, PA, and how we helped those homeowners reach their goals.


Your windows and doors impact your home's style considerably. Your windows and doors can make a statement and stand out. When they complement your home, they provide fantastic curb appeal.

When building a new home, you have to visualize the style and overall aesthetic you want to aim for. We worked with PEQ Construction to add the finishing touches to this Dillsburg, PA home. Our wood double-hung windows elevated and complemented the style of this home, including its gray floors and white aesthetic. Thanks to the simple yet stunning Pella windows, this home turned out beautifully inside and out.

We also helped transform this Lancaster, PA home with multiple patio doors. Our multi-slide patio doors are great for entertaining guests and opening space up by turning two rooms into one large one. The black finish on these patio doors made a bold and stylish statement. Black windows and doors have continued to trend across the home improvement industry. We're here to help you stay on trend and bring you the latest styles in our windows and doors, including ones with a black finish. Another significant part of window and door styles are details, like grilles. The addition of grilles to some of the patio doors made them different and gave off a different look. At Pella, we offer various options to help you find the best fit for your windows and doors. In this project, the black finish and grilles made them stand out.

Another example of the gorgeous look that black window frames can create is a home we worked on in Lebanon, PA. We installed wood double-hung and picture windows on this home. The finish enhanced the home's aesthetic and highlighted the various building materials in the house.

Matching Style

Your windows and doors should also match with the rest of your home. At Pella, we have many different finish and style options to help match and complement your home's existing architecture.

A black window can match many different home styles and types. For example, we worked on a home in Media, PA that had two different wall styles: a wood one with natural striping and plain white walls. Our black wood double-hung windows matched the home's unique style and elevated the overall look.

Historic home with Pella Reserve - Traditional French patio door finished with custom gray color

Matching Historic Style

Many of the homes that we work on are historic. With such homes, we pay careful attention to the materials and finishes we recommend, ensuring that you keep the historical value and style while updating performance and innovation.

We worked with Ebersole Brothers Construction on a historic home in Lancaster, PA to install traditional double-hung and picture windows. These windows were a great choice for this home because have several details that mimic a traditional, historic window. This home also received new sliding and French hinged patio doors. To update the windows and doors while maintaining the historic look, we also worked to have the products finished in a custom color.

Matching Style and Performance

Another critical factor, along with style, is performance. Of course, you want your windows to look good and perform well. At Pella, our windows can do both, with excellent energy efficiency, noise reduction, durability and more.                                   

Adding a new addition to your home can be challenging when it comes to matching it with your existing home's style and functionality. We've helped multiple homeowners add beautiful windows and doors to their home additions, including this home in New Freedom, PA. We installed our wood windows in the home's front room addition. They matched the rest of the house and helped provide exceptional energy efficiency and noise reduction. In addition, the performance in our windows can make your home more comfortable while also saving you money on things like your utility bill.

Style and Innovations for Functionality

Along with style, functionality and innovation are essential factors for your windows and doors. At Pella, we don't just stop after creating an average window; we continued to add innovations to make your windows more functional, easy to use and convenient.

We worked with Semic Building and Remodeling to install patio doors and fixed windows with between-the-glass grilles on a Middletown, PA home. The red color of the door made it pop, while the window and door combo completed the stylish look. The blinds between the glass created privacy and convenience along with a beautiful transformation.

Natural Light and Innovation

Our windows can reach the goals of providing innovation and bringing in natural light. Our windows and doors can open up your space by bringing natural light to highlight your home and highlighting its beautiful design and décor.

Many homeowners have a goal when replacing their windows to bring more natural light to their homes. We worked with Hess Custom Home Builders to replace a back wall in a Fayetteville, PA home with a beautiful sliding patio door. Our four-panel sliding door completely transformed this living space, illuminated by natural light. We also innovated with this sliding door by installing shades between the glass. This innovation allowed the homeowner to conveniently control the amount of light entering their home and their level of privacy.

Sunroom with Pella vinyl windows and patio doors

Natural light is an important aspect of your home, and our windows can take it to the next level with sleek profiles and expansive glass space.

A Harrisburg, PA homeowner wanted to add a sunroom to their home. And what does every sunroom need? Windows to bring in the sunlight! We accomplished this homeowner's goal of bringing in lots of natural light with affordable windows by installing a vinyl slider and direct set picture windows.

Complete Renovation

We've worked on projects ranging from just one window replacement to whole-home renovations. Our windows offer a balanced mix of innovation, functionality, style and more to completely transform your entire home.

Some homeowners are doing a complete remodel of their home, and our windows and doors help with that transformation. For example, we worked with Buhrman Construction to renovate this Fairfield, PA home. Our fiberglass awning and double-hung windows, as well as our sliding patio door, gave this home an upgrade in overall style and functionality. The gray finish coordinated incredibly well with the cool tones of the home's siding and the stone accents that we added.

Whatever your goals are with replacement windows and doors, Pella can help you achieve them. We've completed many projects in Harrisburg and surrounding communities. If you're ready to reach your home improvement goals, schedule your free in-home consultation with our one of our experts today.

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