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Replacement Windows for Harrisburg Homes: Are They Worth it?

Posted on September 07, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Harrisburg

Kitchen with white windows with shades

There are many things to consider when looking for replacement windows and doors for your home. Let’s find out which items are worth it or not!

Worth Buying Something You Don’t Like – No

Windows and doors are an investment and can be a large home improvement project. You want to get windows and doors that improve your home in more ways than one. Your home's style, aesthetics, functionality and comfort are all impacted by the windows and doors you choose. Plus, you will see your new windows and doors every day for years. It's definitely worth it to get what you want and not something that you’ll regret every day.

At Pella, we offer many different styles, materials and finishes for your windows and doors, so that you can find something you will be happy seeing and using every day.

Worth Learning About the Energy Efficiency Benefits of Double- and Triple-Pane Glass – Yes

Energy-efficient windows can help lower your utility bill and add comfort to your home. Upgrading to a triple-pane window creates more insulating air space and adds to your home’s energy efficiency. In addition, insulated glass slows the heat transfer to help keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round. Multiple panes of glass and insulating gas, like argon, can also slow conduction (the transfer of heat or cold through a material). An added benefit of double- or triple-pane glass is that they act as insulators that dampen outside noise. Pairing multiple layers of insulation with varying glass thicknesses can improve your windows’ sound control performance so you can hear less outside noise inside of your home.

For example, we installed our Lifestyle Series wood triple-pane windows in a Reinholds, Pennsylvania kitchen. The overall goal was to make a beautiful space that was also energy efficient. The addition of triple-pane glass helps make these windows more energy efficient while still showcasing the overall beauty of the wood window.

Along with double- and triple-pane glass, we also offer different Low-E glass types to optimize your windows for your climate. This Low-E glass coating helps reflect heat into the room during the winter and reflect heat away from your home in the summer to improve energy efficiency and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. In addition, this glass also blocks most of the sun’s harmful UV rays to prevent your carpet, furniture and window treatments from fading.

Proper installation is also essential for energy-efficient windows to perform their best. Our professional Harrisburg installers are trained to properly install your windows so that there won’t be any drafts or leaks.

Working With a Trusted Company and a Rep That Cares – Yes

Pella has been in the window and door business for a long time. Our name is known throughout many households and is the trusted brand for many homeowners.

Our team is here for you through this process of replacing your windows and doors. After scheduling your free in-home consultation, our reps are here to answer any questions you may have about our products and the replacement process from start to finish. We will help give you recommendations based on our experience and help you find the best windows and doors for your home.

White home with new windows and black shutters

Not Asking Questions – No

Navigating and understanding the window replacement process can be challenging. With different materials to choose from, styles to look at, colors to match and climates to consider, it can be difficult to know everything, so ask us! Our Harrisburg representatives are here to answer questions because we want you to feel confident in your window purchase. In addition, we want you to fully understand how your window functions, have an idea of how it will look in your home and understand the timeline of the project.

For example, this Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania homeowner wanted to upgrade their windows to fit their home’s aesthetic better. Our team worked with the homeowner to come up with the best solution. The replacement windows match the home’s siding instead of the trim or the brick, making the white windows stand out against the lighter blue trim. Overall, the windows complement the home's aesthetic.

Brick home with black windows

Caring About Features Like Safety and Functionality – Yes

While style or durability are essential for your windows and doors, you must also consider safety and functionality. A Pella exclusive when it comes to innovations in functionality is our window screens. We offer a hidden screen on our vinyl 250 Series windows; it's there when you need it and folds away when you don’t.

We also have our Rolscreen. The integrated screen is available on our Reserve Traditional single- and double-hung windows so that when you open the window, it’s there, and when you close it, it disappears into the frame.

For our Architect Traditional casement windows and our Lifestyle Series awning and casement windows, there’s the Rolscreen retractable screen that is self-storing and rolls up and down like a shade to eliminate the need to remove and store your screens whenever the season changes.

Along with window screens, many homeowners want better control of the light entering their home and to enjoy privacy. We offer between-the-glass blinds and shades to help achieve this goal.

For example, an Akron, Pennsylvania homeowner was replacing their windows to update and modernize them while still reflecting their Tudor-inspired style of home. The newly installed black wood windows with Prairie-style grilles could achieve this goal. However, there was another goal that the homeowners had: better control over the amount of natural light they let in their home. The replacement wood windows featured between-the-glass blinds to achieve this goal. These innovative blinds mean less maintenance, more convenience and more functionality overall.

Another part of the functionality of your windows is being able to open and close your windows easily. Our award-winning easy-slide operator is available on our fiberglass Impervia casement and awning windows, making opening your windows a simple glide. The sleek, modern design removes the crank and effort of opening your windows and instead makes it accessible for everyone to use. These windows, along with others, are also paired with a safety feature of precision venting technology which is hardware that has a brake system so that you can open your window as far as you want and secure it in place.

As your window and door experts, we can help you navigate all things windows and doors. Set up a free in-home consultation to get started today.

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