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Why Should You Choose Pella for Your Harrisburg Home?

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Harrisburg

on August 9, 2022

Exterior of home next to a lake

There are many different window and door companies out there, so why choose Pella? We are all about helping you find the right product for you and your home’s needs. We offer a variety of windows and doors that offer high-quality performance and aesthetics.

Read on to learn more about how we have earned our well-known name. 

Unmatched Variety

Window Frame Materials

We offer a range of window frame materials, each with unique benefits. We have a selection of wood products that come in either traditional or contemporary styles. Our wood window and door products focus on craftsmanship and the natural beauty of the wood. This home we helped complete in Strasburg, PA is an excellent example of the beauty of our wood windows. We were able to transform this home with large wood windows that provided a fantastic view into their backyard.

We also have our vinyl windows that offer quality with affordability. Lastly, we have our strongest window product: our fiberglass windows.

Window Styles

There are many different styles and types of windows to choose from. We offer popular choices for Harrisburg homes like double-hung and casement windows, and custom windows like arched ones for your traditional home. Our replacement double-hung windows give your home air circulation and are easy for everyone to use. You can also find each of the different types of windows in the various materials we offer.

Along with a wide range of materials, we also offer a variety of finishes for our windows. Interior stain options include natural, red mahogany, Early American, black and many more, as well as varying shades of white paint colors on our wood products. Choose from shades of black, brown, green, red, gray or blue for the exterior. Our vinyl windows are available in white, fossil and almond finishes, with dual-color options available in fossil, brown and black. Our fiberglass frames come in black, brown and white.

This home in Dillsburg, PA needed low maintenance and modern windows. Our team suggested our fiberglass windows because of their amazing durability and lower maintenance. The casement windows were also finished in black to modernize the home and complement the unique exterior color of the house.


We also offer variety in our hardware options to complete the look. Our windows have different color and style collections for their cranks, including classic (brass, black, champagne and more) and rustic (nickel and bronze) cranks for traditionally styled windows. The modern collection (chrome, brown, white and more) cranks work well for contemporary styled windows.

In contrast, the essential collection (white, brown, black, nickel and more) cranks are popular choices for a traditional style window. Our fiberglass windows come with either the traditional fold-away crank or the new easy-slide operator; both are available in white, brown or black. Vinyl windows come with the fold-away crank with finishes in fossil, almond and white.

Home office with large white window

High-Quality Innovations

We pride ourselves on having quality products that will last you for years. We’ve spent time testing and ensuring we provide you with the best possible product. Our warranty programs demonstrate our commitment to standing behind the quality of our products.

Weather Resistant

We work to build and test a product that can perform in different types of weather, including rain, snow, hail and wind. Our windows have tight weatherstripping to prevent air leaks and water from entering your home. The reinforced and impact-resistant design has been able to help stand up to extreme conditions like hurricanes.

We also have added protections for our specific materials. For example, we have EnduraGuard wood protection for advanced protection against moisture and stains from mold and mildew, and termite damage. We also offer EnduraClad aluminum cladding on wood-clad windows and patio doors that resist fading. Our fiberglass products are made from the strongest material; they are engineered to last. 

Our proprietary fiberglass material won’t expand, contract or become brittle when exposed to any climate. Our vinyl windows are made with a formula that has been tested for weathering, durability and color retention. You won’t need to paint, stain or refinish your windows.

Noise Reducing

Another feature we work to provide, test and improve upon is our sound control features to reduce noise from the outside. Some ways we reduce noise with our windows are using dual- or triple-pane glass, varying glass thicknesses and insulating window frames. In addition, our fiberglass and vinyl windows have optional foam insulation available to help reduce sound transmission even more.

Living room with large windows

ENERGY STAR® Certified

Another positive of our windows is their excellent energy efficiency. We want to help you reduce your utility bill costs by conserving energy with our windows. Many of our products even meet the rigorous requirements to make them ENERGY STAR® certified. For the year 2021, we won awards for most efficiency with some of our windows.

There are multiple ways that we create maximum energy efficiency for your Harrisburg home in our windows. One way is our low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. This glass coating reflects the summer heat away from your home while reflecting heat into your home during the winter to create a comfortable inside temperature. Low-E glass also blocks most of the harmful UV rays from the sun while also helping to prevent furniture and carpet from fading. In addition, using multiple panes of glass with an insulating gas like argon slows the effects of conduction (the transmission of heat or cold through a material due to a temperature difference on either side of the glass). This includes an optional triple-pane glass for increased insulating air space.

For example, a Reinholds, PA homeowner got their kitchen remodeled and chose our wood windows with triple-pane glass. Installing these windows meant they could achieve their goal of making the space energy efficient. The new windows not only added to the home’s performance and comfortability but also created a beautiful view and kitchen space.

Overall, we offer insulating glass and different types of Low-E glass coating to fit your energy efficiency needs. Our professionals are also trained to properly install our products to prevent leaks and drafts, adding to your window’s performance.

Exceptional Service

We aim to provide outstanding customer service, so the process goes smoothly and leaves you fully satisfied with your new windows. To get started, we offer a free in-home consultation to review your needs and goals and help you find the best windows.

This consultation is hassle-free as our window and door professionals care about educating and helping you get the product you need and want. We will review your different options and help choose items that will fit your budget. We also provide communication throughout the process to help you stay updated on when the product will arrive and be installed.

Even after installation, we are here for you as many of our products are backed by our limited lifetime warranty so that if you ever need service, you know where to go. Schedule your free in-home consultation today to get started.

Schedule a free consultation to find windows and doors for your home.