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Window Design Ideas For Your Harrisburg Home

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Harrisburg

on September 27, 2022

Three white double-hung windows in living room

With so many different home styles out there, you have vast options for the look and design of your window replacement. Here are some popular and unique window ideas that could transform your home.

Multiple Windows, Side-by-Side

Three Double-Hung Windows

Three can be the magic number when it comes to double-hung windows. Many people like to use double-hung windows in combination with other ones to bring more light and functionality to their home. Double-hung windows offer a lot of benefits, so it’s no wonder people get them in multiples. For example, double-hung windows offer lots of ventilation since they can be opened from the top or bottom sash. These windows are also easy to clean, as you simply tilt in the sashes, and you can clean the exterior as well as the interior. Double-hung windows are very versatile and can suit many home styles. Let’s take a look at some local projects we completed in Harrisburg:

This East Berlin, PA, home features multiple areas with three double-hung windows. The wood windows added a modern aesthetic to the house and enhanced the home’s energy efficiency.

This Glen Rock, PA, homeowner was adding on to their home and wanted their new windows to match the existing ones. We installed wood double-hung windows that were able to achieve this goal. The four side-by-side double-hung windows will allow plenty of natural light and ventilation throughout the home.

Four Casement Windows

Another replacement window style to install in multiples is casement windows. For example, you can add four casement windows next to each other to create ample glass space for natural light to shine through and when opened, more air can come in to ventilate the home. Adding multiple casement windows in the front of your home can add amazing curb appeal. The sunlight coming in through this array of windows will help illuminate your front room, creating benefits like making your room appear larger.

Panoramic Views From Bay Windows

Bay windows are three windows that extend out from your home. These windows create architectural interest. They can also be used to create a nook or reading area for your home or just add an extra seating area. With this large window, you create a space where lots of light can come into your home. You can also choose to have casement windows on either side of the larger, fixed frame to allow for ventilation. The way the windows are angled also creates an amazing view.

Large windows fill walls in bedroom

Large Windows Separated by a Wall or Thick Trim

If you live in an area with beautiful scenery, you will want to take advantage of that! Choosing windows with more glass space, like picture or casement windows, can help you to capture the light and beauty of your view. You can also add custom windows that go with your home’s architecture. The extra glass space will bring in natural light from the different angles of your home and will create an interesting look.

If you are going for that modern look and want to have large glass windows, you can also play around with the placement of the windows and the amount of trim between them. For example, to create a glass wall, you can use thin trim, but thick trim or wall space between picture windows can give you some relief from all the glass.

This home in Strasburg, PA, features large wood windows to allow the homeowners to enjoy the beautiful view outside their home. The contemporary wood windows bring in lots of natural light and give the customer a sense of awe. In addition, the windows are separated by a thinner trim to achieve the goal of maximizing glass space.

Window combinations are another way to bring in more natural light and add visual interest. You can create a larger window with several smaller ones. For example, you can have multiple square picture windows that make up a unique rectangular shape. Another option for traditional homes is to create an arched window by adding two casement windows or two double-hung windows side by side with a half-circle window above them.

White windows with top row grilles on brick home

Adding Grilles

We offer many grille patterns to add character and charm to your windows. Our Victorian, New England, Cross, Top Row, Traditional and Prairie options can enhance the traditional look of a window and complement your home’s architecture, for example. We also can assist with custom grille patterns if you need to replicate the style of your existing windows.

This Harrisburg homeowner wanted replacement windows for their brick home. They opted for white wood casement windows with top row grilles. We added the grilles to the casement windows to mimic the look of double-hung windows.

Emphasize Your Home’s Architecture With Your Windows

Emphasizing different aspects of your home can be done with your windows. For example, you can highlight a room’s height by adding bold, dark windows that have a thick trim. Another way to showcase an area of your home is by installing custom windows that follow the architecture of your home, like triangular windows that point toward your home’s roof.

Unique Colors

Windows come in many shapes and sizes, but they also come in many colors. You could stick to the more traditional neutral colors of white, black or brown, but if you’re looking to spice things up, try one of our other color options. For example, we offer red, green or blue hues that could make your windows stand out. Our team can also help you with custom color windows, especially if you need to match a historic window.

Choosing the Right Design Choice For Your Home

There’s a lot to sift through with so many combinations and window designs. Set up a free appointment with one of our professional representatives so they can help you go over all your options and make your window goals a reality.

Schedule a free consultation to find windows and doors for your home.