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Windows in Numbers: Bringing Natural Light and Amazing Views to Your Home

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Harrisburg

on November 7, 2022

black bay windows with blinds

Windows can enhance natural light, ventilation and your amazing view. One popular style among Harrisburg houses to increase these benefits includes using multiple windows side by side.

There are many ways to achieve this. Read on to get inspired!

Use Bay or Bow Windows

Bay windows are a combination of three windows that are joined at an angle and extend outside your walls to add extra space to your room. This type of window lets air and light in from all different angles because the windows face multiple directions and extend out rather than sit flat against your home. Bay windows fit best in spaces that are 40 inches wide or larger. These windows are typically made of a larger window in the middle with two smaller windows on either side. The added interior space is great for allowing extra seating for a window seat or a reading nook. Bay windows are commonly seen in living rooms, dining rooms and primary bedrooms and provide amazing natural lighting and views.

Bow windows also extend beyond the walls of your home to add extra room inside, but they differ in structure. Bow windows are made with a combination of four or more windows; typically, casement windows are lined together along a curved structure. The difference between bow and bay windows is that bow windows are curved and semi-circular while bay windows are angular. This window type works well in spaces with 80 inches or more, and are more flexible to fit in larger areas than bay windows.

The similarly sized windows that make up the bow windows give off a classic, elegant and traditional look while also creating the illusion that the room is bigger because the windows bring in more natural light and views. Bow windows can also create a reading nook or decorative shelf in your home with the additional space.

Multiple wood windows in a dining room

Have Multiples of the Same Window, Side-by-Side

Having windows positioned next to each other is a fantastic way to increase the benefits of your windows. Double-hung windows are a great option for putting windows side-by-side. Many homes feature three double-hung windows in a row to add character to the house, natural lighting and a view. Double-hung windows also create a lot of ventilation within your home. Having multiple windows side by side can also add to your home’s curb appeal.

Having multiple windows side by side also creates a cozy nook area in your home. For example, if you have a curved area or unique section in your home, you can add windows and create a nice spot to relax and enjoy the sunlight.

For example, we installed wood windows throughout this Carlisle, Pennsylvania home. In particular, we added several windows to their dining room area. The dining room area is made with a curve and has an additional seating area. The double-hung windows have a natural wood finish on the interior and open up the space providing ventilation and natural light.

This Glen Rock, Pennsylvania home features multiple double-hung windows side by side. We installed new wood double-hung windows to increase the home’s functionality. The window combination gives the home a unique look with lots of benefits.

Another excellent window combination you can do is having fixed windows or awning windows above or below your other windows. For example, if you have a fixed picture window in your living room, it does excellently in bringing in tons of natural light, but adding an awning window above it can help improve the air circulation in your home. Another option is to add a transom window above your existing windows to provide more glass space for light and a unique look.

Grilles are another great option for window combinations to add charm to your windows—for example, traditional or top-row grilles. You can also add custom grilles like diamond grilles to add a unique look to your traditional home.

Exterior of sunroom with custom windows

Choose Specialty Windows

Specialty shapes can help enhance your home’s architecture. For example, you can create a beautiful traditional arched window with a large rectangular window and a half circle on top. Adding specialty or custom windows to your home can make a visually appealing accent or focal point. You can also create glass walls by adding windows that go up to the top of the room, even adding triangular windows to fit in the pointed top.

For example, this Harrisburg, Pennsylvania homeowner wanted to add new windows to their beautiful sunroom. We installed white vinyl windows throughout the sunroom, including specialty-shaped windows that went up to the ceiling to increase the amount of natural light coming into the room.

Adding windows throughout your home has many benefits. At Pella, we can help you create a design with your windows that will improve your home in multiple ways. Set up a free consultation with one of our local Harrisburg window and door experts to get started.

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