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Kansas Bay Windows

Different Styles of Bay Windows to Meet Every Need

Bay windows protrude from your home’s exterior, providing additional light and space within your room. They help achieve the traditional look commonly seen in many Kansas homes, but can also appear in modern design when paired with a more angular look.

Bay windows consist of three separate panes of glass, angled and joined together within one combination. Bay windows that open typically include operable windows on the sides with one fixed window in the center. The center window can be larger than the two flanking windows.

Commonly known as: projection window, bay box window, oriel window

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Popular Local Trends & Styles

  • Bay windows with a seating area in a living room Space for Seating and Benches

    Because bay windows protrude from the outside, they allow more space within the room and can sometimes give the illusion of even more space. Homes with bay windows also enjoy a wider expanse of the outdoors and a plethora of natural light, creating a perfect perch for reading and relaxing or opening up space for the ideal dining area.

  • Big bay windows with room for table and chair Big Bay Windows To make the most of a bay window, the exterior wall space needs to be 40 inches wide or larger. If you have the room, large bay windows make a bigger impact, opening up even more space and bringing in additional sunlight. Pella bay windows are available in man larger sizes at both 30° and 40° angles.
  • Bay windows in a kitchen leave add light to dining area Kitchen Bay Windows

    Bay windows make a great addition to a kitchen. Placed above a kitchen sink, a bay window allows to keep an eye on your children playing or simply daydream while doing dishes. The bottom of a bay window can act as a shelf to grow plants or herbs. Bay windows can also create additional seating in a breakfast nook or open up your kitchen for a larger dining set.

  • Bay windows with traditional style grilles and decor Traditional Style

    From Dodge City to Lawrence, traditional and ranch homes are the most popular home styles. Bay windows support these traditional style homes, offering an aesthetic boost to the exterior of a two-story house or an opportunity to visually expand the interior of a ranch.

Product Lines

Recommended Customizations1

To match the timeless look commonly found in Kansas, choose grilles to create the classic look of individual window panes. Casement, single-hung and double-hung windows are the most common choices for the flanking windows in a bay window combination. Brass hardware on these operational windows can recreate the elegance of bay windows from traditional homes, while distressed hardware offers a rustic look. Find more customizations here.


  • Classic Collection
  • Essential Collection
  • Rustic Collection
  • Fold-Away Cranks


  • Traditional Grille Pattern
  • Custom Grille Pattern 
  • Victorian Grille Pattern?

1Not all customizations are available in all Pella product lines.

Kansas Climate Recommendations

The state of Kansas falls on dividing lines between subclimate zones. Depending on your area of Kansas, you may wish to carefully review your glass options for windows. The climate in Kansas includes both cold winters and hot, humid summers and overall high precipitation. For the fluctuating temperatures of the Midwest, we recommend fiberglass products with Low-E insulating glass.

Low-E Protection

Low-E Protection

Keep warm in the winter by helping to reduce the heat loss from your home. Window panes of glass with Advanced Low-E will help keep your home insulated, blocking out the cold and keeping the heat in.

Durable Materials

Durable Materials

Kansas has many temperature fluctuations throughout the year, from bitter cold to sweltering heatwaves. Wood with aluminum cladding, vinyl and fiberglass are low maintenance and can help stand up to the changing conditions.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

For better efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs in the Kansas climate, choose windows with SHGC and U-values of 0.3 or lower. The northernmost reaches of the state would benefit from a higher SHGC due to the colder temps.

Why Choose Pella?

Customized with You in Mind

Pella windows and doors are made specifically for your home because one size doesn't fit all. With access to many materials, colors and options, including exclusive snap-in options for shades, blinds and grilles, along with smart home products and a proprietary finishing process that helps provide a quality finish.

Built to Last

Pella products are backed by some of the strongest window, door and installation warranties in the business. When installed by a Pella branch, your project is backed by our Pella Care Guarantee, our package of product warranties, installation warranty and service agreement that covers your products and their installation — including labor — for up to 10 years. See the written limited warranty for details, including exceptions and limitations, or contact Pella Customer Service at 877-473-5527.

We Come to You

An in-home consultation can help you explore all options and get a professional opinion on what will work best for you. During the consultation, local window professionals can come to your home to assess your window replacement needs and understand your priorities and budget.

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