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Pella Experts Ready to Help with Hail Damage

Posted on May 09, 2019 in Pella Windows & Doors of Kansas

This has been a big year for hail storms. The local experts at Pella Products of Kansas have been helping homeowners across the state, and especially in Wichita, work with their insurance companies to repair or replace windows that have been damaged by hail.

Hail comes in all sizes, but it only takes a quarter-inch-sized piece to cause damage. That’s about the size of a pea. According to The Wichita Eagle, the hail that hit the area on June 18 was much larger than that. The National Weather Service reported hail the size of tennis balls

Most homeowners have seen multiple roofers, but it's important to check windows and doors for hail damage, which isn't easy to spot. And much like a roof inspection, you need a windows and doors expert to come out and assess the damage. 

If your home was hit by hail, contact Pella Products of Kansas to set-up a free in-home consultation and get the process started. One of our experts will come out to your home to evaluate your windows and doors, answer any questions you have related to storm or hail damage and provide assistance with insurance throughout the process.

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Hands holding hail

Inspecting Windows and Doors for Damage

Tennis-ball-sized hail is going to leave a mark. But if your home wasn’t hit by hail of that size, the marks are a lot harder to spot. Even if you don’t see any noticeable hail damage, there could be some unseen issues you’re missing.

A crack or hole in the window pane is obvious. Damage to the frame, sashes, grilles and other components is less so. But it can create leaks in the window, leading to drafts, fogging,  condensation, the breakdown of materials and increased energy costs.

An inspection is the first step in replacing windows and doors damaged by a storm. You need one to make a claim on your insurance and get money to help cover the cost of replacement windows and doors. Pella Products of Kansas offers free in-home consultations, even if you don’t currently own Pella windows or doors.

Pella representatives visiting home

Filing an Insurance Claim for Hail Damage

If a Pella expert assesses your windows and doors and finds hail damage, your next step is to file a claim with your insurance company. Contact your insurance agent or visit your insurance company’s website to file a claim online. We’ll submit a detailed quote outlining the needed repairs or replacements on your behalf.

Your insurance company may send out their own insurance adjuster to perform an inspection and verify the damage. A Pella windows and doors expert will be there alongside you to explain the damage and, in times of disagreement, work on your behalf to come to a favorable resolution with your insurance company.

With the damage this summer’s storms brought, many homeowners in the Wichita area are filing claims, so patience is important. After you file your claim, it may take weeks to process it and get to a point where you can replace your damaged windows and doors.

Scheduling Window and Door Replacement

Once your claim for hail damage is approved and processed, you’ll get a check from your insurance company. Depending on their policies, it may be made out to you individually or to you and your mortgage lender. If both you and your lender are on the check, you’ll have to send it to them and file out some additional paperwork before work can begin on your home.

After you secure and deposit your claim check, schedule a replacement project with Pella Products of Kansas. Our experienced installation team will find a time that fits your schedule and complete the necessary work. 

With the storm, insurance process and replacement project behind you, you’ll be back to living comfortably in your home with new Pella windows and doors.

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