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Brooklyn French Patio Doors

French Doors Bring Light into Brooklyn Homes

French doors are common sights on historic homes, like many of the Victorian- and Colonial-style homes seen around Brooklyn. Hinged on one side and opening either out or in, French doors are also commonly called hinged patio doors. This hinged design lends flexibility. You can use a single French door when space is tight or double French doors for a wider entrance. Made of a frame with a large pane of glass, French doors are adored for the abundant natural light they bring into a space. 

French doors are popular both inside and outside homes. Inside, they can be used to section off interior rooms while still letting light pass through the glass, while exterior French doors are a popular option for creating a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. Brooklyn homeowners appreciate the classic elegance and versatility of French doors.

Commonly known as: exterior French door, hinged patio door, swinging patio door, garden door

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Popular Local Trends & Styles

Blinds for French Doors

Window treatments and blinds provide privacy from nearby neighbors and can help temper intense sunshine. Between-the-glass blinds from Pella are an ideal option for high-traffic areas like doors. Window fashions contained between two panels of glass, integrated blinds are kept safe from dust and allergens and have no cord, making them a safe solution for homes with children or pets.

French Door Sizes

French doors are available in a range of standard sizes to fit openings both large and small. Single French doors are available as small as 26 ? inches by 79 inches and are popular choices for long, narrow spaces common in many of the borough’s famed brownstones. Double French doors come as small as 50 inches by 79.5 inches and as large as 76 inches by 119.5 inches.

French Doors With Screens

French doors provide a wonderful indoor-outdoor connection thanks to their large glass panels, but a screen* door can enhance that connection by helping to bring the outside in. A screen for your hinged patio door can help increase airflow while keeping the bugs at bay.

Wooden French Doors

Pella hinged patio doors are made from mahogany, Douglas fir, and pine and are available in a range of stains, including Golden Oak and Black, and paint colors like Bright White.

*Warning: Use caution when children or pets are around open windows and doors. Screens are not designed to retain children or pets.

Product Lines

Brooklyn Climate Recommendations

Low-E Protection

Get year-round protection with Low-E insulating glass. The added protection helps provide balanced insulation in the diverse New York climate.

Glass Glazing

Glazing on your patio door glass panels can help seal out the weather — including those freezing temperatures — and help you maintain a comfortable home climate.

Dual-Pane or Triple-Pane Glass

Additional layers of glass with an insulating layer of gas between the panes can reduce your energy costs compared to single-pane glass.

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