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Tips for Cleaning Your Windows

Posted on May 04, 2021 in Pella Windows & Doors of Memphis


Humans are hardwired to crave and enjoy sunlight, it’s part of our DNA.  When windows are filthy, the sun doesn’t penetrate the home as well as it could.  Caring for windows is crucial to a home’s appearance and efficiency, but also greatly affects the home’s inhabitant’s physical, and even mental health. Sunlight is essential for providing Vitamin D to a home’s inhabitants and unclean windows increase the growth of allergens, that cause skin irritations and respiratory problems.   

To ensure you are reaping the benefits of your windows and ensuring your window’s glass does not begin to break down, your windows must be properly and thoroughly cleaned. It is recommended that the chore of cleaning your home’s windows be on the top of the list for spring cleaning, exterior windows should be cleaned at least twice a year and interior windows at least once a month.  Have you neglected to regularly clean your windows or perhaps purchased a fixer-upper home?  These tips will have your windows sparkling and you might even need your sunglasses indoors! 

How to Clean Dirty Windows: 

  • Timing is important when cleaning your windows, make sure to choose a time of day when the sun isn’t directly on your windows. This helps to prevent streaking or water spots from the windows from drying too quickly. 
  • Gather your supplies, for interior and exterior cleaning. The best option for streak-free windows is ammonia-free glass cleaner. It removes dirt and grime. It should contain no bleach or alcohol which helps from leaving a residue that attracts dirt. If you do not have it on hand, you can make an at-home solvent of 1-cup white vinegar to 10-cups warm water.  To clear the area of dirt and you will also need at least 2 micro-fiber cloths or paper towels. For exterior cleaning, you will need a ladder, a brush, and depending on stains, a powder-based cleaner for mineral deposits. To clear the window frames of dirt and debris you should also have a vacuum on hand.  Lastly a pole and a squeegee or large microfiber rag for bigger and hard-to-reach windows.   
  • Wipe away and vacuum all dirt and debris from windowpanes and ledges to give you a clear surface to spray. 
  • Apply cleaner to windows.  Wipe it off depending on the type of window you are cleaning.  For windowpanes, use your rag or squeegee from top to bottom, never lifting the rag.  For a picture window, wipe from the corner in an S or Z formation until all glass has been covered. 
    Be sure to wipe a squeegee between each application with your rag or paper towel so you do not smear dirt from your previous application.  If you run across sticky spots or stains use your designated products by spot cleaning with the brush, careful to remove the excess with a rag. 
  • Rinse the entire window area with clear warm water, to make sure there are no remnants of cleaning solution, rag or squeegee particles left on the glass. 
  • Dry the window, the frame, and ledge with a separate rag to ensure no streaking on glass and that cleaner did not get on wood, vinyl, or fiberglass frames as the cleaner could discolor the finish. 

If your windows are damaged and not easily cleaned, Pella replacement windows are an investment in your home. If cleaning your windows adds to curb appeal, imagine what new replacement windows from Pella Windows and Doors of Memphis can do! Contact a Pella professional at (901) 316- 0166 for a consultation today.  

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