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Window Design and Home Décor Trends to Look Out for in 2023

Posted on August 07, 2023 in Pella Windows & Doors of Memphis

Interior view of black window with grille overlooking driveway.

In 2023, interior design philosophy will continue to focus on fostering unique and comfortable homes, creating a " welcoming " atmosphere. The home design trends that emerged in the first few years of this decade will likely become even more popular. Discover the significant window and home design trends to watch out for in Memphis in 2023 and tips on executing them flawlessly. 

Black Window Frames for Modern Interior Design 

The ambiance of your Memphis home's living space is a key consideration. If you are in Downtown Memphis's South Main Arts District, you have likely noticed the contemporary homes that perfectly embody this trend. For those who prefer a darker interior design, opting for dark interior window frames is an excellent way to incorporate this trend while adding depth to your space. Dark jewel tones, ocean-inspired blues, olive greens, and maroons are all making a comeback alongside black window frames.

This trend is ideal for those who want to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere for guests. To avoid a dreary look, ensure that your windows let in plenty of natural light. Picture windows are a great option for this. 

Nature Inspired Design 

The houseplant trend, strengthened by the pandemic, still dominates the interior design scene in 2023. This trend is expected to continue in coming years in Memphis and beyond. Plant owners who want to infuse life into their homes are all about incorporating greenery, houseplants, and living florals. Natural materials, natural wood window frames, plant prints, and plants themselves add distinct textures and create visual excitement. 

Upgrading your patio door to a bi-fold or multi-slide option, both of which have plentiful glass space, can transform your indoor/outdoor space and make the inside of your home feel closer to the great outdoors. This trend of blending indoor and outdoor spaces is becoming more popular and is well-suited for many areas in Memphis. However, it is particularly ideal for neighborhoods like Collierville, Arlington, Lakeland, and Munford, which are known for their beautiful scenery. 

Embrace Your Home’s History with Vintage Design 

The aesthetic of a historic home in Midtown, Memphis, can be preserved by focusing on its architectural roots. Instead of completely gutting the house, you can create a design plan highlighting its strengths. For instance, with their many angles, the Victorian homes in Central Gardens are well-suited for single and double-hung windows. Craftsman and ranch-style homes, more common in the Bartlett area, are better complemented by bay or bow windows

After aligning your window design with your Memphis home's history, you can turn your attention to restoring it's interior spaces. To add unique design elements, consider using family heirlooms or vintage finds as centerpieces. 

Go for the Maximalist Trend Design 

Although minimalism still has loyal followers, the maximalism trend is rapidly gaining popularity. In the world of home design, where comfort is essential, it is not surprising that artful decorations are now having their moment to shine. Combined with the resurgence of old Hollywood glamour, it's the perfect recipe to bring your wildest Gatsby dreams to life. 

Capture the art deco trend associated with maximalism by pairing window shapes with unique curtain rods and hardware. This look would be fantastic in any area of Memphis. 

Create Softness in Your Home With Curved Designs 

The trend of harsh lines and sharp angles in interior design is fading. Softer designs are becoming more popular. Incorporating curves can add elegance and comfort to your space. From round coffee tables and kitchen islands to arched windows and doors, embracing this trend can enhance your home's overall look and feel. 

If you want to add character to your home, consider statement pieces such as a sofa with a high, arched back, light fixtures with glass globes, curvy candles, or a wavy, retro frameless mirror. To complete the look, you can add curves to your exterior window design with a few custom-shaped windows and a cottage-style door. This trend could greatly benefit homes in areas of South Memphis, as most of the houses in this area were built in the 1950s as single-family homes (excluding Graceland, of course!), and many still feature boxy, sharply-angled designs. Softening up the look of your home can make it feel more welcoming. 

The Latest Window Trends Near Me 

Are you looking for stylish and durable windows in Memphis? Look no further than Pella Windows and Doors of Germantown! We offer a wide range of trendy window designs that can bring your home to life.

Our team of professional window experts can help you determine the latest trends that will look best in your home. If you're ready to update your home, contact us online or call us at (901) 316-0166 to schedule an in-home consultation. Or visit our showroom in Germantown at 3092 Village Shops Drive, Suite 16, conveniently located next to Target. 

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