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How To Hang Window Curtains in Your Nashville Home Like a Pro

Posted on October 24, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Nashville

Image of white windows featuring off-white sheer curtains

Hanging curtains is an excellent way to enhance the style and complete the look of your Nashville home. However, you need to hang them the right way to achieve the effect you’re going for. 

Just by revamping the way you hang your window treatments, you can improve the ambiance of your Nashville home. Let's discuss some of the best ways to hang your curtains and some common mistakes to avoid.

The Best Ways To Hang Your Curtains

…if You Want To Add Height to a Space

The recommended measurement for curtain rods is about four to six inches above the window frame. However, if you want to add height to the size of the room, you can place curtain rods as high as you like.

The higher you place the curtain rod, the taller the window will appear. This creates a luxurious illusion of more ceiling height and makes the room look bigger than it actually is.

What’s good about this window treatment is that it can make even a budget valance or unlined curtain look stunning when hung at the proper height above the window. A maximum of 12 inches above the window frame works well in most cases.

…if You Want To Make The Space Higher and Wider

Another way to improve your window's aesthetics is by hanging curtains high and wide. This is a step up compared to the first tip we discussed. For this style, hang the curtain or drapes 12 inches above the window frames. 

You should also extend your curtain rod out about three to six inches on each side of the window to maximize the impact.

When making professional-looking window treatments, never go narrow with your curtains. The curtain rod should always be wider than the width of your window since this helps make the space look much larger than it actually is.

…if You Want To Add More Light to The Space

The secret to adding more light to your space lies in the type of fabric you choose. Not only does your fabric choice add more light, but it enhances the overall look of the space. If you want to invite more sunlight to your room, the best thing you can do is to pick window curtains that are of lighter or sheer blends, such as linens, silk, lace or cotton. 

To further amplify the amount of light in a space, put mirrors directly across from the windows in it. The light from the windows will bounce off the mirror and brighten the room. Plus, mirrors can also give the illusion that your space is larger.

Things To Avoid When Hanging Curtains

Ensuring that your curtains are properly hung can enhance the look of your space. However, there are some common mistakes people make when hanging their curtains, which prevents them from achieving the look they're going for. 

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when hanging curtains:

  • Don’t go too short: Curtains look best when they touch the floor.
  • Don’t choose the wrong fabric: Pick a fabric that complements the rest of the room.
  • Don’t go overboard with your window treatment: The more fabric you add to the window, the smaller your space will look.
  • Don’t have your curtain rods at different heights: Even if the window frames are not aligned, still install curtain rods at the same height. The uniformity will help make your space more visually appealing.

Along with window treatments, you want to make sure you have windows that match your home's style and boost its curb appeal. At Pella of Nashville, we specialize in window replacements for residential homes, helping homeowners find the perfect panes to match their property’s aesthetic. With years of experience in window installation, Pella of Nashville has an array of services and can meet your needs for a window upgrade.

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