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Replace or Repair? A Guide from Pella Windows and Doors of Nashville

Posted on January 28, 2021 in Pella Windows & Doors of Nashville

replacing windows

As a homeowner, there are a myriad of things to fix or update often. Replacement windows are one of the most important items, not only to make your home more attractive but to save on energy costs and keep you and your family safe. It can be hard to gauge when it is time to replace windows, so here is a guide to help you decide when to just repair a window or when it is time for replacement windows from Pella Windows and Doors of Nashville.  

When to Repair Windows

When your window won’t open:

We all get busy with our lives and let routine window cleaning and maintenance fall through the proverbial cracks. Without routine cleaning, window sashes can get stuck or cranks can get frozen from a buildup of dirt. In this situation, a good cleaning and some maintenance is the best course of action to get the window moving again. If the window’s hardware or locks are broken, those parts should be replaced to rectify the situation. 

When you have a broken pane: 

A broken pane is a no-brainer. Due to safety concerns of broken glass and loss of heat or air-conditioning, a broken pane should be replaced as soon as possible. A crack can spread quickly and should be repaired toot sweet as well. If the glazing on the window is an issue, the repair may require the help of a professional to avoid the damage of the sash, leading to the replacement of the entire window.  

When your window has a draft:

A broken pane cracked or peeling caulk, poor weatherstripping, gaps due to settlement and material deterioration all contribute to drafts. The sash can be replaced if warped or damaged. If you measure and find that the window itself has shifted and is off-balance, it may need to be re-installed. If the window is too far-off balance, it will need to be replaced.  

When your windows fog:

It is imperative to find out if condensation is occurring inside, outside, or in-between the two panes of glass. If it is occurring inside, it is due to humidity inside your home. Air should be circulated within the home and window coverings should be moved aside to allow ambient air to reach the windows. If it is outside the pane, spraying a water-repellant can take care of the issue. If the condensation is occurring in-between the panes, it indicates a failure on the part of the seal and the advice of a professional should be sought to determine if the panes can be replaced or if the entire window should be replaced.  

Brass Tax: What to Consider

Time versus cost. Is it worth your energy and time to fix the window versus just getting a new replacement window installed to negate the worry of additional repairs and more labor costs?  

Is it an energy-efficient window? Drafts can cause energy bills to soar. Energy-efficient replacement windows will pay for themselves by balancing out high energy costs in the long run. 

Curb appeal. Replacement windows provide a sleek and clean look to a home, thus giving your home’s appearance an upgrade.  

Whatever the issue with your windows, call the professionals at Pella Windows and Doors of Nashville at 615-292-7080 or stop into the Pella Experience Center located at 277 Mallory Station Road in Franklin to help you determine what is best for you and your home. 

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