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Single-Pane Windows Versus Double-Pane Windows

Posted on August 11, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Nashville

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The main difference between single- and double-pane windows is reflected in their names. Single-pane windows have one glass panel in them, while double-pane windows have two glass layers.

In this blog, our experts at Pella of Nashville explain the significance of windows having one or two glass panes. Here is a closer look at each window pane type and its benefits and challenges.

Single-Pane Windows

Older Nashville homes with their original features might have single-pane windows. Exterior buildings separate from main residences can also have single-pane windows. These have been the standard for so long that property owners may have left the windows as is. They serve the primary purpose of windows, so why change? Here are the pros and cons associated with single-pane windows.

Benefits of Single-Pane Windows

  • Affordable: Owing to their minimal structures, single-pane windows are more affordable than double or even triple-pane windows. Should a single-pane window break, replacement services will likewise be inexpensive because only a single layer needs replacing.
  • Lightweight: Physically, single-pane windows are easier to handle and install. Some homeowners skip paying contractors altogether by replacing broken single-pane windows by themselves. Thus, their lightweight nature makes single-pane windows ideal for DIY projects.
  • Uncomplicated: Single-pane windows are direct to the point. They are windows with single layers of glass to keep light and sound inside or outside a house. Should the glass break, only one part needs changing.
  • Decorative: Being the standard window type for so long gives single-pane windows a certain aesthetic. They also offer a historic value, suited for homeowners who intend to maintain their property’s authenticity.

Challenges of Single-Pane Windows

  • Potentially higher long-term costs: Although single-pane windows can be individually affordable, they end up being a more expensive option when looking at the long term. Suppose you live in a state with constantly high humidity rates. Single glass panes may expand, crack and break more often. Thus, you would spend more on replacing these windows instead of having a better-suited option that may cost more upfront.
  • Energy-inefficient: Having only one glass layer, single-pane windows are poor sources of insulation. They cannot regulate heat as well as other options and may keep you hot in the summer and cold in the winter, when you want the opposite. Likewise, your energy bills may rise due to increased temperature regulation expenses that result from poor insulation.
  • Not noise proof: New technology has developed stronger sound-reducing systems that single sheets of glass cannot block out efficiently. You may count this disadvantage as a minor inconvenience if you live in a peaceful neighborhood.

Double-Pane Windows

Double-pane windows are modern products that utilize two glass layers in a single window, thus offering better insulation than single-pane windows. Here is a closer look at their benefits and challenges.

Benefits of Double-Pane Windows

  • Energy-Efficient: Double-pane windows can help you save energy. Many double-pane windows have an insulating material between the two glass layers, usually argon gas. This technology helps keep homes warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. As such, you may see savings on energy bills. Plus, you and your loved ones will benefit from increased comfort due to better temperature regulation.
  • Environmentally efficient: Double-pane windows offer environmental benefits by mitigating your HVAC usage. Saving energy helps you minimize your environmental impact.
  • Noise proof: More glass panes give your home a better soundproofing ability. This feature may be especially important if your house is located in the city or anywhere near busy roads.
  • Valuable: Double-pane windows increase a residential property’s resale value. As part of the modern housing market that utilizes energy-efficient and noise-canceling technology, more people look at homes with these types of windows more favorably than others.

Challenges of Double-Pane Windows

Overall, double-pane windows have a higher upfront cost than single-pane windows. After all, they have more glass panes in them. Installation is also an added expense, especially since you will need professionals to handle these valuable windows. And since all parts are dependent upon each other, if your window breaks you cannot make single repairs on a broken double-pane window. You would need an entirely new window.

However, the amount you can save on your energy bill due to improved energy efficiency can quickly outweigh their upfront costs. Plus, the value and quality you get out of these windows is another benefit that outweighs this challenge.

Need Window Replacement?

Upon considering each window type, you may discover that double-pane windows outweigh single-pane windows in benefits. With economic and environmental advantages, consider getting a double-pane window replacement for your Nashville home.

Another factor to consider regarding whether window replacement is necessary is your comfort level. Try to assess whether controlling your home’s indoor temperature has been challenging lately. Your windows may be a direct cause of this challenge.

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