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Sliding Windows for North Carolina Mid-Century Modern Homes

Posted on July 09, 2021 in Pella Windows & Doors of North Carolina

Interior view of sliding windows

North Carolina is home to an eclectic mix of residential architectural styles. From classic Georgian style homes in Charlotte to the one-story ranch homes of Asheville, the Old North State has something for everyone. Consider the three largest cities in the state: Charlotte, Raleigh and Greensboro. The neighborhoods of Charlotte are chock full of different home styles, from European designs to mid-century modern architecture. Raleigh homes run the gamut from traditional and historical to bungalows and brownstones. Greensboro also showcases a variety of home styles, including traditional, contemporary and mid-century modern.

Mid-century modern homes, specifically, are an ideal fit for sliding windows. If you’re the owner of a mid-century modern North Carolina home and considering a remodel, there are plenty of reasons why sliding windows should be your first choice to replace your existing ones.

Keep It Simple But Sleek with Sliding Windows

One of today’s most popular window styles is the sliding window. It has been referred to as a “glider window” or “slider window” on occasion because it features one fixed panel and a moving panel that opens horizontally, gliding along the window frame. 

Sliding windows have become a staple of modern homes in large part because of their ease of use. Rather than having to push up like you would with a single- or double-hung window, all you have to do is slide the moving panel to the side to invite fresh air into your home. This is a function you’re going to be thankful for if you plan to stay in your home as you advance in age.

Durability is also key to the appeal of sliding windows. You don’t have to worry about pulleys or springs wearing down over time. Those components are entirely absent from sliding windows. Fewer parts also means sliding windows are generally low-maintenance.

Lastly, Pella’s sliding windows are also energy-efficient. Wood and fiberglass window frames provide excellent insulation from the elements, and Pella offers the type, thickness and style of glass necessary for your sliding windows to contribute to your home’s energy efficiency.

Mid-Century Modern Homes are a Blend of Modern and Historic

Timeless architectural styles are North Carolina’s bread and butter. Mid-century modern homes are a perfect example, somehow managing to be both modern and historic.

Dating back to the start of World War II, the mid-century modern design movement was defined by simplicity and functionality. Clean lines and gentle curves are the hallmarks of a mid-century modern home, which are also known for being uncluttered. They’ll feature minimal ornamentation and will often marry traditional materials with non-traditional materials for a unique contrast.

It’s obvious why the mid-century modern homes of Greensboro and elsewhere throughout North Carolina would be suited for sliding windows. Sleek and simple, sliding windows echo the distinguishing features of the style -- clean, understated and functional.

Choose a Sliding Window for Your Mid-Century Modern Home

Embrace simplicity with sliding windows for your mid-century modern home. You can’t go wrong with the compact functionality and ease of operation, which make them an ideal choice for areas with limited space. You can even tailor your sliding windows to match the distinctive look of your home with grille options in a variety of different patterns.

To get the sliding windows that your North Carolina mid-century modern home needs, pay a visit to your nearest showroom and our team can help you find the perfect fit.

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