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Scranton Front Doors

Front Doors Make a Great First Impression

An entry door doesn’t take up much space on the front of your home. But it can make a major impact on guests and passers-by. Front doors are the gateway to your house and your style. With a wide variety of designs, materials, finishes, and colors, your main door can make a statement and boost your home’s curb appeal.

Scranton is home to a number of Victorian-style houses, where decorative and ornate front entrances are common. Double-entry doors were preferred, providing wide, welcoming entryways to these decorative homes.

Commonly known as: main door, entry door, entrance door

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Popular Local Trends & Styles

  • White storm door with screen Screen Doors

    Wood screen doors were common in traditional homes like the ones found in the Scranton area. But modern screen doors are actually metal storm doors with either interchangeable glass and screen panels or adjustable screens1. You get better protection from the weather, less maintenance, and more versatility to change up your front entrance to suit your needs for sunlight, aesthetics, or fresh air.

  • Full light storm door with beveled glass Storm Doors

    Storm doors are made to help protect your front entry door from the elements. They’re made out of aluminum to better stand up to unpredictable Pennsylvania weather. Storm doors come in a variety of styles — including decorative glass designs — so they can help provide protection without taking anything away from the beauty of your front door.

  • Wooden Front Doors Wooden Front Doors

    Wood entry doors provide a classic look and unlimited design flexibility. They can be simple or decorative, stained or painted, traditional or contemporary — whatever you need to match the rest of your home. Paint your front door black, red, or another bold color to make your entry stand out on your street. Go classic with a mahogany stain or get a distressed look with a rustic walnut door.

  • Glass Front Doors with Sidelights or Transoms Glass Front Doors With Sidelights or Transoms

    Wood isn’t the only front door material. You can also get fiberglass or steel front doors. Whatever material you choose, you can enhance the look with glass. Adding glass to your front doors can create a more stately entrance — especially on decorative double entry doors. In Victorian homes, glass was commonly used around the door as well. Surround your front door with sidelights or transom windows to get a look that’s purely Pennsylvania.

1Warning: Use caution when children or pets are around open windows and doors. Screens are not designed to retain children or pets.

Product Lines

Recommended Customizations1

Glass front doors add a traditional elegance to houses of classic architectural eras. Grilles are a great add-on to glass — they add the symmetrical look of Victorian style. Transoms with muntins are another way to get the look. Brass or rustic handle sets better match the traditional style than other hardware options.

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  • Classic Collection
  • Essential Collection
  • Rustic Collection
  • Multipoint Locking System

Transoms, Sidelights, and Grilles

  • Rectangular Transom
  • Full Light Sidelight
  • 3/4 Light Sidelight
  • 1/2 Light Sidelight
  • Traditional Grille Pattern

1Not all customizations are available in all Pella product lines.

Scranton Climate Recommendations

Scranton is flanked by mountains on the east and west, which can make for long winters and chilling temps. Insulation and energy efficiency are important in keeping your home comfortable and your energy costs down. Wood is a natural insulator and fiberglass has similar properties.

Low-E Protection

Low-E Protection

Keep warm in the winter by helping to reduce the heat loss from your home. Low-E insulating glass on doors, transoms, and sidelights can help keep your home more comfortable and your energy costs down.

Durable Materials

Durable Materials

Frequent storms during the winter bring bitter cold and frozen precipitation. Wood and fiberglass front doors are built to help withstand the weather.

Weather Protection

Weather Protection

The elements can cause wear and decreased door performance. The direction your door faces (South and West exposures tend to expose a door to more sun) and whether or not your entry door is located under a covered entrance, overhang, or porch roof can affect performance. Protect the look of your front door with a storm door to keep your main entrance looking great for years.

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Pella windows and doors are made specifically for your home because one size doesn't fit all. With access to many materials, colors and options, including exclusive snap-in options for shades, blinds and grilles, along with smart home products and a proprietary finishing process that helps provide a quality finish.

Built to Last

Pella products are backed by some of the strongest window, door and installation warranties in the business. When installed by a Pella branch, your project is backed by our Pella Care Guarantee, our package of product warranties, installation warranty and service agreement that covers your products and their installation — including labor — for up to 10 years. See the written limited warranty for details, including exceptions and limitations, or contact Pella Customer Service at 877-473-5527.

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An in-home consultation can help you explore all options and get a professional opinion on what will work best for you. During the consultation, local window professionals can come to your home to assess your window replacement needs and understand your priorities and budget.

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