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4 Things to Know About the New Easy-Slide Operator

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

on April 21, 2021

Pella Impervia Fiberglass Windows - Casement Windows - Kitchen Windows

The New Impervia 2.0 is on its way! Improved aesthetics and design enhancements are just some of the things to look forward to. The first styles to launch are casement and awning windows. These come with the new, award-winning Easy-Slide Operator. This new element is made for comfort, innovation, durability and being low maintenance.


Founded on Universal Design Principles, the revolutionary Easy-Slide Operator window hardware is designed for inclusivity – to be a solution for all people regardless of their age or physical ability. The thickness of the knob helps reduce pinch grips for those with arthritic hands. It’s also designed for comfort with an easy-use grip that has the familiar, fluid and natural feeling of operating a dimmer switch. The horizontal tabs are curved to accommodate many different grip styles and enhance comfort, and the edges around the grip surfaces are sloped instead of being square to reduce pressure points when you are using it. Anyone will be able to use the Easy-Slide Operator as it smoothly and effortlessly glides to open your windows.

Gone are the awkward cranks that can be hard to use. The crank was known for being a bit hard to turn and took some effort, but the Easy-Slide Operator simply glides with minimal effort; some say that you might have to learn to slow down with how effortlessly it moves! But don’t worry, the hardware is made just right so your windows won’t slam. To open and close the window, it’s now one simple, smooth, fluid motion. The Easy-Slide Operator was made to feel natural and easy to use. It allows you to quickly engage and open or close the windows; it wastes no time like cranking. Without the task of tediously and strenuously having to crank open a window, everyone can use the Easy-Slide Operator.


At Pella, we are always looking to improve our designs and bring our windows into the future. The Easy-Slide Operator is full of impressive technology that makes it more than just a part of a window. With the crank being gone, the thoughtful placement of the slide and the sleek design, the Easy-Slide Operator will not interfere with your window blinds and decorations. The hardware is conveniently located on the jamb of a casement window and the sill of an awning one. Its discreet and tucked placement means you won’t have to worry about how your curtains will fit or look. The slim style of the slide leaves your window treatments and decor undisturbed so you can design them as you wish. We used this same concept of creating innovation and ease of use to the lock lever and cover design. Pella’s consumer research showed that unlocking the window was sometimes difficult, so we solved it with our new design which allows for easy use.

Some other features of the Easy-Slide Operator are the haptic feedback that’s incorporated with the integrated braking system. This allows you to open the window exactly where you want it and secure it in place. This occurs due to the precision venting technology. You will be able to open your window just a little bit and feel sure that the knob won’t move from that location. The Easy-Slide Operator also incorporates a wing-back feature that protects against unwanted contact with the window jamb when opening. At Pella, we continue to update and improve the hardware and mechanisms behind our windows to make sure that each product is easy to use and innovative for your everyday needs.

Watch the Easy-Slide Operator in action.


Pella’s Impervia 2.0 windows are engineered to last. They have a sleek, timeless style with proven performance, unmatched strength and lasting durability. Pella’s Impervia 2.0 windows feature fiberglass. Our fiberglass is made with Pella’s proprietary fiberglass* and is nine times stronger than vinyl. It is thermally stable and won’t expand or warp in the summer or be brittle and shrink in the winter. It is made to withstand weather conditions and temperatures from -40 F to 180 F. These picture windows provide resistance to water, wind and outside noises as well. Impervia really is the strongest, most durable material for windows.

*Pella's proprietary fiberglass material is the strongest material for windows and patio doors, engineered for lasting durability.

Disclosure: Pella’s proprietary fiberglass material has displayed superior strength over wood, vinyl, aluminum, wood/plastic composites, and other fiberglass materials used by leading national brands in tensile and 3-point bend tests performed in accordance with ASTM D638 and D790 testing standards.


Pella’s durable design translates into an overall low-maintenance window. The Impervia frame has a long-lasting powder-coat finish that resists chipping, chalking and fading. This means you won’t have to worry about needing to repaint or refinish your windows. Pella’s Impervia 2.0 windows will also never rot or corrode and are naturally resistant to water and bugs. The Easy-Slide Operator has been tested to the extremes including with drywall and debris to ensure that it can hold up to dirt, wear, and tear. This means that you can save time on cleaning and finding replacement parts as they are built to take it and to last. 

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The new Easy-Slide Operator is a key component to Pella’s new Impervia 2.0 window series. The slide shows true innovation to make everyday use easy and comfortable. The windows it’s featured on are designed to withstand the elements and last. The Impervia 2.0 series features fiberglass, which is known for it’s durability which also makes them low-maintenance. The Easy-Slide Operator hardware was announced as the winner of the 2021 Best in Show by the International Builders’ Show. The future of windows is here, and the Easy-Slide Operator is a part of it.

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