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5 Small Home Improvements You Can Make While Practicing Social Distancing

Posted on March 23, 2020 in Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

Right now, staying home is important for your health and the health of others, but we definitely understand it’s not easy. If you’re looking to make your time at home as productive as you can (and keep yourself from going a little crazy), try some of these small home improvements that you won’t even need to leave the house for.

Rearrange And Hang Up Your Wall Décor

window with wall decor

Whether you’re simply trying to rearrange and refresh your wall décor or you’re like many homeowners who acquire pieces and then ‘forget’ to hang them up (it’s okay, we all do it), the extra time you have at home right now is the perfect opportunity to update your décor and get your home ready for spring and summer.

Set Up a Play Area or School Area for Your Kids

kids playroom

This has the benefit of solving two problems with one solution. Your kids are home and will need an area where they can focus on school and channel their extra energy, and it gives you a small project to keep you occupied too! Try setting them up in an open area that lets in lots of light — you’ll want to include a workspace, such as a desk (or a kitchen table or counter works too!), a storage area for their school supplies, and some extra space for them to play or get creative (depending on their age).

Clean Your Windows

This we know first-hand — a lot of homeowners tend to put off cleaning their windows. It can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large home with lots of windows or a second floor that makes getting to the outside a bit harder than usual. Don’t forget that your Architect Series double-hung windows tilt in for easy cleaning.

Organize Your Home Office

officeNot only will this clean out the clutter in your office, but it’ll also help clean the clutter out of your mind as you try to work on big projects from home. Plus, you won’t need to worry about people seeing any clutter when you’re video conferencing. If you have the time, think about rearranging your office as well. You’ll have the chance to put your office together in a more productive way for accomplishing your day-to-day tasks.

Clean Out Your Closet

From that one pair of sweatpants you probably should have thrown away two years ago to the blazer you’ve had since college, this is the perfect time to get rid of the stuff you don’t really wear anymore. While you’re at it, consider donating any of the clothes you do want to get rid of. You’ll be helping yourself to be more organized and helping others at the same time!

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