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Beautiful Window Options for Historic Philadelphia Homes

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

on September 27, 2022

Two black double-hung windows in entry way

The are many historic and traditional homes throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas that require more than a basic window treatment to enhance their functionality, beauty and historic value.

Pella's replacement windows are the ideal choice to make traditional and historic homes be more energy-efficient and functional. With our many style options, you can choose a more modern style or keep the original look of your windows. 

Benefits of Replacement Windows on Historic Homes

There are many benefits of replacement windows, especially for historic homes with aging, outdated windows.

The first benefit is function. If your windows are damaged beyond repair or simply don't open and close properly, replacing your windows is the best course of action. 

The second benefit is innovation. Newer window styles include modern, user-friendly, safety-boosting features.

Newer windows such as the single-pane glass with double or triple-pane glass offer better energy efficiency and sound control. Block out loud outside noises while also lowering your AC and heating bills. 

Versatility of Windows

With our various window options, there are plenty of ways to replicate your previous windows' design or pick new ones to match your home’s style and architecture. For example, wood window options offer a traditional style sure to enhance your historic home's appeal. In addition, we offer staining as a finish option for your wood windows. A stain helps bring out the natural wood's design.

Our Reserve – Traditional windows is a popular product line for homeowners with old-fashioned properties because it features historically accurate designs, including putty grilles.

This project in Wilmington, DE, needed replacement windows that matched the historical appearance of the current windows without disturbing the existing trim and shutters. The 100-year-old double-hung windows were drafty and difficult to maintain. The versatility of our wood windows meant that we could meet the project’s size and aesthetic requirements. We installed a wood-hinged patio door with wood casement windows and special shape windows to complete the complex configuration. Overall, the replacement windows matched the historic home’s aesthetic and increased the home’s energy efficiency.

Single- and Double-Hung Windows

Single-hung and double-hung windows are common window types for historic and traditional homes. We offer single- and double-hung windows in wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. Double-hung windows provide many benefits, including natural light, ventilation, and ease of use.

This Hockessin, DE, homeowner was concerned about getting replacement windows because they didn't want to disturb the original look of the home. Our wood Architect Series windows perfectly matched the home’s authentic look and, the double-hung windows improved the home’s energy efficiency significantly.

Custom Windows

Another way to preserve the original look of your home is to install custom windows. Pella offers specialty shapes, that are common for historic homes including arched windows, windows with half circles above them and circle windows.

We also specialize in custom coloring. To ensure design consistency, our team can help you match your new window frame color to your previous one. Custom coloring is essential in preserving the look of your home, especially if you are replacing your windows in stages.

Window Accessories

Many older homes have windows with outdated parts. These windows are missing out on innovative window accessories that can improve their functionality.

For example, our fiberglass casement and awning windows, feature an easy-slide operator accessory that makes it simple to open your windows. In addition, select windows offer the Rolscreen feature; it’s there when you need it and disappears when you don’t. This means you no longer have an obstructed view when your window is closed.

This 1830 Gladwyne home needed replacement windows for their guest suite. The owners wanted a design that could match the existing double-hung windows installed throughout the rest of the home. This posed a challenge because the size of the existing window opening would not allow for a double-hung window to be installed and there was a risk of violating the egress window code.

To meet the egress code and match the style of the double-hung windows in the rest of the home, we designed a custom casement window that looked exactly like a double-hung window. The homeowners were pleased with our creative solution.  Regardless of your historic home's existing design and your desired style ideas, our talented team can help you achieve your goals,

If the windows in your historic home need a facelift,  we can help you update your windows look and functionality. Schedule your free consultation today.

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