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Can I Replace My Windows in the Fall and Winter?

Posted on August 28, 2020 in Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

Summer’s almost over and you still haven’t taken the plunge to set up an appointment to learn more about replacing your home’s windows. Cooler weather is quickly approaching. It won’t be long until fall breezes comes blowing through your neighborhood. If you haven't replaced your windows yet, that doesn’t mean you have to deal with that chilly breeze in your home all winter.

window replacement in the winter

While many homeowners believe summer is the best season to replace their windows, replacing in the fall or winter is an equally good option. This popularity of summer replacements tends to come from two different sources. The first is the common misconception that construction is simply better done in the summer. While this can be true with some construction projects, luckily, window replacement isn’t limited by the weather. The second source of this misconception regarding summer window replacements is due to an outdated process of replacing windows. Thanks to our installation process, we can replace windows as efficiently in the winter and fall as the spring and summer.

The Installation Processwinter install

 A long time ago, installers would replace all of your windows by removing the old all at once and then putting in the new. While some window companies may stick with this outdated installation process, Pella is not among them. Our installers replace one window at a time — no matter how many windows you’re replacing. This means they fully remove the old window and install the new replacement window before moving to the next window in your home. This greatly reduces the amount of warm air that escapes your home in the winter, making it just as easy to replace your windows in the fall and winter as it is in the summer.

Custom Windows

In addition to the installation process, our windows are customized to your home. This means that they’re specifically designed to perfectly fit the opening in your home. Our sales team will measure your windows — often multiple times to be sure of accuracy — in order to eliminate gaps to ensure the best energy efficiency once fully installed. This will greatly improve your home's ability to keep the cold drafty wind out far beyond installation.

Winter Weather Woes

While our custom windows and precise installation process might set your mind at ease regarding the cold air in your home, you might be asking yourself, what about everything else that winter weather brings? We do live in the northeast after all! Snow, slush, mud and ice shouldn’t be a concern of yours as a homeowner as our installers cover every surface they walk on with drop cloths, and if there is furniture near the windows, we’ll use drapings to protect your property and belongings as well. In addition the these coverings, our installers clean up once they’ve installed your new window, this means removing any leftover debris and even sweeping up.

Extra Energy-Saving Efforts

We also will be sure to close off any doors to our work area. This will help to make sure the little air that does get in is as contained as possible.

Not only is there very little difference in replacing your windows in the summer versus the winter or fall, you can also find some great deals that often go on in the winter. Don’t fret too much if you feel you missed your opportunity to renovate your home this summer. You still have time!

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