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Comparing Vinyl, Fiberglass and Wood Windows

Posted on November 07, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

living room with vinyl windows

We offer a variety of options for your window frame material, each with its own benefits and styles. Let’s dive into our wood, vinyl and fiberglass window options so you can choose the best one for your Philadelphia home.


Vinyl windows are an excellent option for a few reasons, including their quality, energy efficiency and budget. Our vinyl 250 Series windows have a high-quality formula that makes them fade-resistant. They have been tested for weathering, durability and color retention, so you won’t have to paint or refinish them. Our vinyl products have enhanced safety and security with multi-chambered frames and fully welded sash to improve strength and thermal performance while reducing sound transmission.

Our vinyl windows are exceptionally energy efficient. The multiple-frame chambers are insulated to keep your home comfortable. You can add optional foam insulation and triple-pane glass to improve energy efficiency. These window sashes also have optional performance upgrades like being metal-reinforced for sturdiness. The multi-chambered vinyl frames improve the window’s strength and energy efficiency by slowing the transfer of heat and providing extra support. Finally, our vinyl windows are competitively priced, giving you a high-quality product and style at a price that’s budget-friendly.

For example, we worked with a Landenberg, Pennsylvania homeowner to install new vinyl casement windows for their home’s new addition sunroom. We replaced the old double-hung windows with casement windows to enhance the amount of airflow in the addition. The white vinyl windows go well with the brick addition and upgrade the home’s overall look.

Black fiberglass windows and sliding door in bedroom


Fiberglass is a naturally strong and durable material that is a trusted choice for tools, boats, bridges and more. Our proprietary fiberglass material is a superior choice for windows as it is the strongest window material. Our Impervia fiberglass windows are engineered to last. The exclusive material resists wear and tear, dents, bends and breaks. Our fiberglass windows also have virtually no expansion and contraction to improve energy efficiency, reduce seal failure risk and provide long-term stability for a dependable operation.

Along with being durable and strong, our fiberglass products are also weather-resistant. Fiberglass is resistant to water, wind and outside noises. This material can also withstand large temperature swings. Our fiberglass windows are virtually maintenance-free as they resist chipping, chalking and fading, so you won’t have to paint or refinish them.

Fiberglass windows are commonly found in homes looking for a modern aesthetic. Our Impervia windows have a sleek profile to create more glass space to give your home that contemporary look. Black fiberglass windows are a common choice for homeowners in and around Philadelphia.

For example, we installed new fiberglass windows in this 1986 Lansdale, Pennsylvania home. The new black, double-hung windows added a modern touch to their home and gave the homeowners the look they wanted.

Black wood windows in living room


There are many reasons to choose a wood window for your home. Wood windows offer natural beauty and warmth. Our wood windows deliver amazing craftsmanship. Our wood windows are also super customizable and can be personalized to fit your aesthetic, whether that’s traditional or contemporary.

Another benefit to our wood windows is their lasting durability. To protect the wood exterior, aluminum cladding is available. The low-maintenance aluminum cladding protects the wood from the elements. It's available in multiple colors to create a stunning exterior that matches the other parts of your home. You can also get advanced protection from moisture, stains and termites with our exclusive wood protection EnduraGuard.

At Pella, we have various wood product lines, including Reserve, Architect and Lifestyle Series. Each of these product lines comes with its own benefits. For example, our Reserve – Traditional windows can help finish your historic home with its historically accurate profile and hardware. In contrast, our Reserve – Contemporary wood windows feature clean lines, squared-off sash profiles, and architect-inspired hardware to elevate your contemporary home. Our Lifestyle Series wood windows have excellent energy efficiency and style versatility to fit your home’s aesthetic.

For example, we replaced an awning window in this Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania home’s kitchen. The new wood window provides an unobstructed backyard view and allows for incredible ventilation. In addition, the white finish on the window brightens the kitchen and goes beautifully with the other décor.

Vinyl, fiberglass and wood windows each have their own benefits, but all our products are high quality and made with craftsmanship and durability in mind.

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