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Philadelphia Double-Hung Windows

Timeless Double-Hung Windows for Historic Philly Homes

Philadelphia is a city rooted in American history — and not just political history, but architectural history as well. From the stately Victorian houses in Manayunk to the colonial architecture in Society Hill and the storied townhouses of Rittenhouse Square, the homes in The City of Brotherly Love have a timeless charm.

Double-hung windows are a common sight on many historic homes in the area, but are adored by homeowners of new and old homes alike for their ease-of-use and functionality. Double-hung windows feature two operable sashes — either the bottom sash slides up, the top sash slides down, or both sashes slide open a bit for maximum air circulation. Double-hung window sashes also tilt inward making it easy to clean the outside of your window. 

Commonly known as: sash windows, double sash windows, double-hung sash windows

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Popular Local Trends & Styles

Double-Hung Window Sizes

Small double-hung windows — as small as 23.5 inches by 14.5 inches — are excellent options for smaller rooms or spaces where privacy is a concern. Large double hung windows — as large as 96 inches by 48 inches — are excellent choices for areas where you want to let in abundant light or ample airflow. All Pella double-hung windows are built-to-order in a range of standard sizes so you can be sure to find the right fit for your home.

Vinyl Double-Hung Windows

Vinyl double-hung windows are not only easy to use but low-maintenance as well. Pella’s easy-care vinyl products are available in a number of interior finish options and require no additional painting or staining. Vinyl double-hung replacement windows are a durable, energy-efficient, and budget-friendly option for updating your Philadelphia charmer.

Wood Double-Hung Windows

Enjoy the natural beauty of wood with wood double-hung windows. Wood double-hung windows are common sights on historic homes as wood was the only window frame material used for years. Modern wood windows help maintain a home’s historical integrity, but have the added benefit of being much more energy efficient than their predecessors, with double- and triple-pane insulating glass options available.

Black Double-Hung Windows

Black window frames are no longer reserved for the most contemporary of homes. In fact, black windows are a popular way to update traditional homes. Black windows add visual appeal to homes of all kinds, whether a striking contrast against a white Colonial or a natural extension of a home with dark siding. Pella wood, fiberglass, and vinyl double-hung windows are all available in a black finish.

Product Lines

Philadelphia Climate Recommendations

Double- or Triple-Pane Glass

Cut your energy costs with more panes of glass. Energy-efficient sash windows with double-pane or triple-pane glass are filled with insulating gas for added thermal efficiency.

Low-E Protection

Get year-round protection with Low-E insulating glass. The added protection helps provide balanced insulation from the cold winters and muggy summers in Philadelphia.

Durable Materials

Philadelphia weather brings humidity and precipitation. Wood with exterior aluminum cladding and vinyl can stand up to all seasons and continue to perform in the Delaware Valley climate.

Philadelphia Window Replacement

In addition to modernizing your home, replacing old or inefficient windows can help increase your energy efficiency, keeping your home more comfortable. We make the process simple. Our replacement window experts can help you select, install, and enjoy replacement windows for years to come. Find window replacement options and advice for your area.

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