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Double-Hung Windows and Traditional Homes: The Best Combination

Posted on January 09, 2023 in Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

Black double-hung window in traditional home

Traditional homes are a common style in and around Philadelphia. Replacing your windows offers many benefits for older homes, including increasing and improving energy efficiency and functionality. Double-hung windows are commonly seen in traditional homes.

Find out more about this style of window and how we can help you find the best windows for your house below.

Popular Traditional Home Styles in Philadelphia

Home styles that are considered traditional are often rooted in history and architectural design. For example, some traditional homes include Colonial, Victorian, French Country, Cape Cod, Tudor, Craftsman, Cottage and traditional Ranch homes. While each of these styles has unique features, some common characteristics of traditional homes include large, open porches with overhanging beams and rafters and a tall, pointed roof with one or more gables.

Why Are Double-Hung Windows a Common Choice for Traditional-Styled Homes?

Double-hung windows are amazing for traditional-style homes, which is why many Philadelphia homeowners gravitate toward them. Double-hung windows have many benefits. They feature two operable sashes that can be lifted or pulled down to give your home great air circulation. These windows are also easy to use and provide great functionality.

Double-hung windows are also a go-to for traditional Philadelphia homes because of their curb appeal. A common feature of traditional homes gain is symmetry in the front of their home, and double-hung windows are great for achieving this. For example, you could have one or two windows symmetrically spaced on either side of your home to emphasize that traditional look.

Popular Double-Hung Window Customizations for Traditional Homes

Grilles are another common accessory on traditional homes’ windows. We offer traditional grilles to add charm or visual appeal to your home and enhance the overall traditional style. Other options we have include top row, prairie or custom grilles.

As for finishes, traditional homes typically sport white windows, but you can also install black windows to modernize it. Another option for finishes includes doing a natural wood stain or matching it with other colors from your home, like red.

Natural stain wood window in nursery

Ideal Materials for a Traditional Home's Double-Hung Windows

Wood windows are a popular choice for traditional homes, and they offer many benefits. Wood offers natural beauty, energy efficiency, warmth and design flexibility. No matter your home’s style, wood windows can deliver! These windows showcase the intricate details, amazing craftsmanship and natural beauty of the material they are made with.

At Pella, our wood windows are made with long-lasting durability in mind. For example, we add aluminum cladding to the exterior of the wood frame to protect it from the elements. The aluminum cladding is low-maintenance and helps the wood resist the elements.

Wood windows are also extremely customizable. At Pella, we have several styles and finishes to help match your windows to your home and increase it's curb appeal. We can also help you with custom windows that enhance your historic home’s style. Our wood product lines include Pella Reserve, Architect Series and Lifestyle Series. Our Reserve and Architect Series are excellent for traditional homes and include historical detailing. Our Lifestyle Series is fantastic for energy efficiency. These wood product lines also have double-hung window options so you can complete your home and have durability, functionality and style.

Traditional home exterior with white double-hung windows

Double-Hung Window Installations on Traditional Homes in and Around Philadelphia by Pella

Here are some of the local projects we’ve done for traditional homes:

  • This home in Jamison, Pennsylvania, had double-hung windows installed. The new windows feature grilles to enhance the home’s traditional aesthetic and add charm and visual appeal to it's exterior. The double-hung windows are also an improvement over the function of the old windows. The new vinyl windows also helped add curb appeal and let in lots of natural light.
  • This historic home in Queens Village, Pennsylvania, needed new windows. We installed wood exterior double-hung windows, which we wrapped with brick mould to match the historical profiles. The new, historically accurate windows look stunning and enhance the home’s curb appeal.
  • This Wilmington, Delaware, home had old wood windows that were starting to look old and faded and were not energy-efficient anymore. The homeowners were concerned about the replacement window process affecting the look of their brick home; we were able to do a pocket replacement with new wood windows to match the original look of the house and leave the brick unaffected. The newly installed double-hung windows upgraded the home’s energy efficiency and aesthetic. 
  • This New Hope, Pennsylvania, homeowner wanted to modernize their home without losing the traditional look of their colonial home. We replaced their windows with double-hung wood windows. The new black windows modernized the house without hurting its historical appeal. The black double-hung windows also stand out greatly against the home’s white exterior.

Double-hung windows continue to be a top choice for traditional-style homes. Get started on your home improvement project by scheduling a free in-home consultation with one of our window professionals.

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