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Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows and Doors

Posted on September 21, 2021 in Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

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The phrase energy-efficient windows is thrown around as something that people want or as a selling point. But what does it mean for your windows and doors to be energy efficient? How does having such windows affect your life and your home? Can energy-efficient windows benefit my Philadelphia home? And what all goes into energy-efficient windows? Today, we will look into all of these questions so you have an understanding of energy-efficient windows and are confident with your purchase.

What Does Energy Efficiency Mean?

Energy efficiency has the goal of reducing the amount of energy that is required to provide products and services. This means that: the lower the losses in energy to provide a product, the higher the degree of energy efficiency. A certification that windows and doors can have, and that we have at Pella, is the official ENERGY STAR certification. This certification means that our windows and doors help conserve energy, which can lower your utility bills and provide the utmost comfort to your home. We have a variety of products that are labeled as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient. This means that our windows and doors meet even more rigorous energy requirements.

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What Are the Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors for Your Philadelphia Home?

There are many different benefits to having energy-efficient windows and doors in your Philadelphia home. During cold Pennsylvania winters, drafty windows and doors can let cold air creep in and make your thermostat work extra hard to maintain your home's temperature (and the same is true for those warmer summer months). Energy-efficient windows can help you avoid this, and in turn, help you save money and energy. Plus, they can also help you lower your carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

In addition to cost savings, energy-efficient windows and doors can help improve your home's comfort. ENERGY STAR-certified windows and doors help to keep your home’s temperature consistent and comfortable. With our products, you won’t have to worry about cold drafts or rooms that leave you overheated. Your windows can do the work to safeguard against temperature changes.

Lastly, energy-efficient products that are ENERGY STAR-certified also help to protect your home and your valuables. The glass on these windows and doors has a special coating that protects your home like sunscreen does for your skin and can reflect the heat away from the room — even with large windows. This means that even on a hot, summer day when the sun is shining directly into your home, valuable materials like your flooring won’t fade or be affected negatively.

Energy-efficient windows work great for Philadelphia homes. The Philadelphia area climate ranges from hot and humid to cold and snowy, so your windows need to be prepared to handle both. Whether it’s nearing ninety degrees in July or bottoming down to the thirties in January, energy-efficient windows can help to keep you comfortable while also protecting your home and valuables. Along with keeping you comfortable, energy-efficient windows come in a variety of materials and styles that will fit your Philadelphia home perfectly! So, whether you live in a high-rise condo in Center City or a historic home in Germantown or Northeast Philadelphia, you can get the best of both worlds with performance and style in wood, vinyl or fiberglass windows.

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What Are Some Factors for Energy Efficiency?

Glass. To improve energy efficiency, the glass used in your windows and doors is important. Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass is a type of glass coating that, in the window, reflects heat back into a room to keep it warmer. In the summer, it reflects the heat away from your home to keep it cooler. This glass also blocks most of the sun’s harmful UV rays to help protect items like your furniture, carpet and window treatments from fading.

At Pella of Philadelphia, we have several different types of Low-E glass in our InsulShield glass collection. All of these options have two panes of glass with insulating argon gas between the panes. You can also inquire about the increased benefits that upgrading to three panes of glass offers. Advanced Low-E Insulating Glass with Argon is best for many different U.S. climates. Our AdvancedComfort Glass is best for more northern U.S. climates. We also have SunDefense Low-E Insulating Glass with Argon that is commonly used for very hot, sunny climates, while the NaturalSun Glass is best for colder climates that are commonly found far north in the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit your local Pella branch. Our team of experts can help you find the best insulation option specifically for your Philadelphia home. Browse our energy-efficiency projects here to get inspired.

Air Filtration. More commonly known as drafts and leaks, air filtration happens when there are gaps, whether they be between the window sashes or between the window frame and the wall. These gaps can be the result of improper installation, poor manufacturing or how the home naturally settles over the years. To help prevent any infiltration, we practice proper installation and insulation techniques.

Conduction. Conduction refers to the transmission of heat or cold through a material. In reference to windows and patio doors, conduction is when there is a temperature difference on either side of the glass. In the summer, conduction usually occurs when the warm air tries to force its way into a cool home. During the winter, it occurs when cold air leaks into a warm home. To help slow the effects of conduction, we use multiple panes of glass that contain an insulating gas, argon.

Choosing energy-efficient windows and doors with help bring comfort to your home while you save money on your energy bill. At Pella, we offer energy-efficient windows and doors that are held to the highest standards. In addition to their quality, we provide windows and doors in a wide range of styles popular in Philadelphia — from bay windows to double-hung windows to french patio doors, and beyond.

Our team of window and door professionals is trained to do proper installations, and our products are trusted for their quality so that you don’t have to worry about drafts or the temperature changing. With all of our window, door and glass options available, we are sure that you’ll find an energy-efficient product that you’ll love. 

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