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Fall and Winter Color Schemes for Your Home

Posted on October 26, 2021 in Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

Pella white vinyl windows in living room

Selecting your windows’ material, style and type is important, but so is picking out their color! In addition to the window itself, there are other factors you will want to consider, such as the color scheme of the room the windows are going in and how their color will affect the space's aesthetic. Let's look at some typical fall and winter color schemes and learn how Pella windows fit in.

Fall Color Schemes


Meadow colors are the colors and tones you would find in just that: meadows. They include light browns, grays and varying shades of green. These colors together can create a room that feels cozy and sophisticated. You can enhance this aesthetic even more by bringing life into the room with indoor plants and using natural materials throughout the room. For example, you can install Pella wood windows with a natural finish to add browns into your color scheme and bring in a natural element.

A Bright Sky

Choosing light colors can encourage sunlight to enter and fill a room. Blues, greens, whites and browns are good choices for a light, airy feel. Blues resemble the sky and also bring a sense of comfort to the room, and light blue is a great color year-round. Choose a light color, such as light blue, to make smaller spaces and rooms look larger. Pair it with white Pella windows to brighten the room and achieve a fresh, sky-like look. For this color scheme, you will want to avoid darker shades and colors, including grays. 


Incorporate different shades of gray in your room for a simple yet impactful design. Gray is a color that you can pair with many different types and styles of lighting. Gray also works well with natural accents and rustic fall décor. For a more dramatic look and feel, choose a darker charcoal color. Even if you only use this color for accents, it's pretty impactful. Complete the look with gray Pella windows. You could also opt for a natural wood stain or a white finish to go with your gray paint or accents. Either way, our windows are sure to act as an accent that brings in natural light, which will give your beautiful color scheme time to shine.

Pella windows finished in red on wood siding


Red is a timeless statement color that is perfect for autumn. Brick red is an excellent option if you have a fireplace or brick home, as it can highlight the bricks around it. Dark reds or burgundy are great fall color choices as they can act as an accent color, and pair especially well with deep blues. You can choose to incorporate red into your home's color scheme in many different ways. For example, you can choose brick-red Pella windows to accent your home or choose a color for your windows that complements a red-painted room such as blue.


A mustard yellow is an energizing fall color that goes well with natural colors such as brown, gray and white. Yellow is another excellent choice for an accent color in any of your rooms. It can be a subtle color, but can also have a striking look depending on the shade you choose. Another superb fall option is a bright, sunny yellow. This yellow works fantastically as an accent or for complete wall coverage in rooms with high ceilings and minimalist furniture. We can help you beautifully complement a yellow room by installing naturally colored windows, such as brown or white.

Mix of Neutrals

Neutrals are a group of standard colors that people use in their homes. Typically, these colors are shades of white. For fall, beige and cream are marvelous options. Choose warm-toned, light neutral colors to create a cozy space that's perfect for autumn. To go with the rest of the neutral colors in your home, we have several shades of white and other more neutral or muted colors that you can finish your windows with.


Green is a color that goes with many other colors and, when combined, works great for achieving an autumn-esque look. Dark green can be paired with warm wood tones and hints of mustard yellow. Sage green works well with gold and orange and can be used as an accent wall color. At Pella, we offer a Hartford Green finish on our windows. This would be an excellent way to incorporate green as an accent color in your home.


Orange is another color that is widely associated with fall, thanks to pumpkins! Choosing orange as an accent color for your room can give it a warm glow, making it feel more welcoming. While we don't offer windows with orange finishes, you can choose to install windows with natural wood stains, or ones that have a brown or white finish. These colors would tie in perfectly with orange accents throughout your home.

Other Fall Colors

Other terrific choices to add a fall flair to your home include red, auburn, gold with hints of moss, olive and lichen green or dark teal. Again, try out different colors and color combinations to find the perfect fit for you, your home and your style preferences.

Pella stained wood window


Earthy Tones

Earthy tones include colors like shades of greens and browns, colors that remind us of the earth. Earthy colors provide a sense of coziness, making them exceptional options for the wintertime. At Pella, we offer several options for creating an earthy aesthetic. For example, you can choose varying stains on our wood windows, or you could go with a brown or fossil finish.

Emerald Green

Because it's an intense shade, this hue of green works well with the colder weather. Emerald green resembles pine trees and leaves of holly, which are greenery heavily associated with the winter season. This green can give your room a luxurious feel when it's paired with gold and deep grays. While we have a deep Hartford Green, you can choose to complement an emerald green and gold room with a charcoal stain on our wood windows or an iron ore gray finish.

Wood Browns

A wood brown is cozy, natural and warm-toned, making it perfect for wintertime. It's reminiscent of the pinecones and tree branches of a wintry outdoor landscape and has a timeless and organic appeal. Pella wood windows fit perfectly with this color scheme. You can stain your windows to enhance the natural beauty of the wood with stains like Golden Oak or Red Mahogany. If you didn't want to stain your windows or want a different material such as fiberglass or vinyl, you can opt to have these windows finished with a brown color.


There are so many different shades of white, from warm to cool tones. White rooms bring in light and warmth, which is a great resource to have during the winter. This color is cozy, inviting and calming and can also be described as refreshing, clean, balanced and peaceful. Overall, choosing white can emulate winter. We offer a variety of white finishes, from classic white to linen white, that would help go along with your white color scheme.

Doing a home renovation to change up your home's color scheme is perfect during the fall and winter months. Many of these colors emulate fall or winter but are still great for year-round décor. For all your window and door needs, we are here for you. Schedule your free in-home consultation with us today to get started.

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