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Finding the Best Windows For Your Philadelphia Home's Style

Posted on October 25, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

Traditional dining room with large white windows

There are various home styles throughout Philadelphia. At Pella, we’ve worked on many homes, from historic to ultra-modern. Since windows play a large part of your home’s style, it's important that you choose ones that match it.

Here are some ways that to maintain your Philadelphia home’s style through our different window options.


Many traditional homes have common features. Some of those characteristics include large, open porches and tall, pointed roofs with gables. Traditional-style homes tend to use building materials like brick, wood, stucco or stone. Traditional home floor plans are typically divided into smaller, single-purpose rooms — walls separate the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Traditional-style homes usually have smaller, more symmetrically placed windows. In addition, traditional homes focus on being charming, warm and inviting.

We offer many options for traditional homes. Our Pella Reserve – Traditional wood windows offer several characteristics that match traditional homes. This wood product line features historical elements like Integral Light Technology, grilles and a historic putty profile. We also provide authentic hardware, including spoon-locks and hardware inspired by period furniture. You can add our Integrated Rolscreen that’s there when you need it and is hidden when you don’t, which provides convenience and airflow.

Double-hung windows are commonly found in traditional homes. Double-hung windows help enhance your home's curb appeal and boost its style. For example, double-hung windows on either side of your front door can create that traditional symmetrical look. You can also use grilles to add charm and achieve that traditional, cozy look. We offer various grille patterns, including traditional, top row, Victorian, Prairie and more.

Another way that we help with renovating your traditional home is with custom and special-shape windows. For example, arched windows are common in many historic homes. We can recreate these along with half-circle windows to give your home an original look with added performance and functionality.

Front exterior of a traditional home with custom windows

Here are two traditional homes that we worked on in your area:

Our team works on many traditional homes in Philadelphia, including this home, where the homeowners wanted to update their windows while maintaining their home’s classic look. Our team matched the traditional style home with our Lifestyle Series wood casement windows. The windows were finished in white and had traditional grille patterns. The new windows increased the home’s energy efficiency while maintaining its original look.

This 1965 Cherry Hill, NJ, home was ready to replace its windows to increase its energy efficiency, as it was beginning to see a larger energy bill. We achieved this goal along with the other concern of making sure the new windows matched their old ones and the home’s traditional aesthetic. We installed wood double-hung windows throughout the home. The new white windows with traditional grilles matched the house well.


Transitional style refers to a mix of traditional and modern styles. This style is all about balancing and fitting together traditional and contemporary furnishings and décor. There should be a mix of neutrals and playful textures and furniture. As for window treatments, you can go for solid color drapes.

Transitional homes can also include windows from traditional or contemporary styles. For example, you can add one large contemporary window to one wall to bring natural light in, without filling the wall with multiple windows like a modern home would have. You can also add grilles to your windows to add charm.

Back of modern home with slim windows


Modern architecture favors a simple, clean design. Modern homes feature a flat or low-sloped roof, straight lines and a clean exterior with little or no texture. Modern homes ditch the classical flourishes and let the basic structure speak for themselves. As for the floor plan, modern homes optimize the space with an open floor plan with many multi-purpose rooms.

Modern homes are designed to bring in natural light to make your home feel spacious and cozy. We can help you with that goal with our various modern window options. For example, we can install large windows with large, unobstructed glass space for light to shine through and to create a beautiful view. We can install large picture windows, casement or awning windows. We can also provide special shape windows that fit with your architecture to ensure every inch of your wall brings in sunlight.

Many contemporary homes also feature a black finish. We have several frame options, all of which can have a black exterior to enhance the modern aesthetic. One of our window frame material options includes our fiberglass product line. Our Impervia fiberglass windows have sleek frames and a timeless style to add to your contemporary-style home.  

Here are two projects that reflect the work we’ve done to complete these contemporary homes:

This home in Havertown, PA, was ready for modern windows to match its style. We installed wood casement windows throughout the house. The sleek black windows matched the modern home and made a bold statement against the white siding. The uniquely placed windows also go well with the contemporary architecture.

Another contemporary home we worked on was on the Main Line in Paoli, PA. The builders decided to install beautiful black wood windows and doors. The multiple doors in the front of the home provide a unique look. The black windows also make a bold impression against the white siding.

Our team has worked on a variety of homes, including home styles ranging from traditional and historical to contemporary and modern. Get started on your replacement window project by scheduling a free in-home consultation today.

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