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Finding the Right Window Frame For Your Philadelphia Home

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

on December 19, 2022

White awning window behind kitchen sink

Finding the right window frames can be challenging, but we are here to help! Let’s go through the different options to help you narrow down your choices and find the one that best aligns with your goals.

Types of Window Frame Materials

Whether you're seeking high performance with low maintenance, energy efficiency, versatility or want to maintain your home's specific design style, we have frame options for you.


Wood windows with a natural wood stain are great for bringing warmth to your home. The natural wood also showcases the craftsmanship and true beauty of the wood that was used to make it.

Wood window frames are incredibly versatile in style, thanks to the range of finishes and customization available. For example, we can help you choose from wood windows that provide a classic, traditional look or a sleek, contemporary feel to maintain the architectural and aesthetic style of your home. We can also work with you to customize the perfect color for your wood windows.

In addition, our wood windows are fortified with aluminum cladding to increase durability, so you don't have to forgo performance for style. This aluminum cladding is also customizable.

This Garnet Valley home underwent a fantastic window transformation in its kitchen. We replaced the window behind the sink with a beautiful white wood window that brightened up the kitchen. In addition, the new awning window had an unobstructed view and allowed for much-needed ventilation and natural light.


Vinyl frames are ideal for those who wish to be budget-conscious. But, don't think that prioritizing affordability means jeopardizing quality. Our vinyl windows are made from strong, high-performing materials. If you're replacing many windows in your home, vinyl is an excellent option, as you can get a high-quality product for a competitive price.

Our vinyl windows also have outstanding energy efficiency, thanks to multi-chambered frames with pockets that help slow the transfer of heat to keep your home comfortable and your utility bills low. Speaking of low, our vinyl windows are low-maintenance and easy to care for and will never require repainting or refinishing.

Vinyl double-hung windows updated this home in Jamison, PA. The new windows provided improved functionality, boosted curb appeal and brought in lots of natural light. The grilles added to the windows also enhanced the traditional look.


Fiberglass is an ultra-durable material — arguably the strongest window frame material available. These windows resist dents, bends and breaks. They also have virtually no capacity for expansion and contraction, enabling them to improve energy efficiency, reduce the risk of seal failure and provide long-term stability.

Along with durability, the fiberglass material is virtually maintenance-free. You should never need to refinish and repaint your fiberglass windows because the material will resist chipping, chalking and fading. Fiberglass windows are great for people who want a modern look for their home, as the frames are minimalist and sleek.   

When we installed black fiberglass windows into this Lansdale, PA, home, the new windows provided a modern look, updating the home’s entire exterior, as well as increased energy efficiency. 

Window Styles To Consider

Along with the window frame material, you must pick out which window style you want for your home. Our materials offer several options, each with its own benefits. For example, double-hung and casement windows are popular choices because they provide easy use, natural lighting and ventilation. These styles also fit in well with many different home designs, including traditional and contemporary homes.

Other fantastic options for your windows are awning and sliding windows. Awning windows are similar to casement windows but are instead hinged at the top. Sliding windows are perfect for tight spaces, as they don't require room to swing inward or outward. These window types also enhance ventilation and natural light flow and are available with wood, vinyl and fiberglass frames.

Innovative Enhancements For Your Frames

At Pella, we offer more than windows. We are constantly innovating to make your windows convenient and easy to use. For example, we have multiple window screen options that are self-storing while still providing a clear view and ventilation, such as our InViewTM Screen for fiberglass windows and Hidden Screen for vinyl. Another great innovation for you is our between-the-glass enhancements, which include blinds, shades and grilles. With these items between the glass of your windows, you can save time on upkeep while maintaining style.

Find the Right Window Frame With Pella

Learning about the benefits of each window frame material and type is the first step in understanding how to reach your window goals. Schedule a free consultation with our window specialist to get started on your window replacement.

Schedule a free consultation to find windows and doors for your home.