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Helping Architecture Students Draft Their Future

Posted on February 23, 2021 in Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

At Pella Corporation, we recognize the importance of supporting the next generation of professionals — and the institutions that teach them.

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Pella and Gunton are proud to offer a scholarship program for 3rd, 4th and 5th-year architecture students.  The program is intended to further the understanding of architecture with an emphasis on quality fenestration products. 

This year we are offering the three-thousand-dollar award to the student who can best apply passive house principles to a design or implementation of their choice to any new or existing structure.  These scholarship funds can go towards a student’s tuition, study abroad travel or study grants. To be eligible, schools must be accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).

Passive home standards have been gaining traction within the commercial industry for quite some time as architects, builders and developers begin to see the benefits associated with having a passive building. This, coupled with the world’s overall concern for the environment and the desire for more energy-efficient, green options have made passive design principles a bigger and bigger factor when it comes to designing a passive building.

Passive homes and buildings use 90% less energy than typical homes and buildings. This means not only do they reduce energy bills for buildings and homeowners, but they’re also great for our planet too! A passive building or home is not simply made up of only energy-efficient windows either — passive features include a home that doesn’t have thermal bridging, has mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, quality insulation, airtight construction and of course, superior, high-quality windows.

The many aspects of building a passive building or home allow for a wide range of creativity as well as applications, which we feel alone will be a challenging part of the program.  More specifically, commercial applications where the principles can have a larger effect and potential real-life function within the city limits.

Presentation skills on the cost-benefit of a passive (or net zero/ zero carbon) building, renderings, feasibility and ability to incorporate digital files into the model will all be amongst the judging criteria. Our aim is not only to challenge a student’s ability to create a passive design project, but to also test their ability to present their ideas to their peers — preparing them for future interactions with the developers, architects and building fenestration partners that will play key roles throughout their long careers. It is our hope that by learning how to demonstrate win-win scenarios and gain buy-in from a large group now, these students will be well prepared for tackling issues of the future that put the wellbeing of others and our planet first.

Not only will this scholarship give architecture students unique exposure in the industry they want to work in, but it will also get them thinking of how their expertise can benefit people and the planet.

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