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How To Match Holiday Décor to Your Home's Aesthetic

Posted on December 16, 2021 in Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

Family decorating with Pella Reserve Traditional double-hung windows

Decorating for the holidays can be lots of fun and can make your home feel festive. There are many ways to decorate your home and many different things to consider before you begin. Today, we’ll go over some decorating ideas for your windows, doors and interior decor to maintain your home’s overall aesthetic.

Considerations for Your Holiday Decorations

Before you get started, ask yourself these questions:

  • What's your budget? Decorations can be expensive and take a lot of time to put up, maintain and take down. Deciding the level of investment you want to make upfront can save you some grief later on.
  • Where will they go? And, how do you want them to be mounted? Having an idea of where you want to place or hang certain items and what supplies you may need to achieve your vision will help save time.
  • What type of decorations do you want? For example, if you choose to go with lights, do you want them to be battery-operated or plug-in, and if you decide to get ones that must be plugged in, do you have outlets for them? Will you need extension cables? When considering the type of decorations, you can also think about things like whether you want them to be novelty, what colors they should be and if everything goes with the aesthetic of your home.

Holiday decorations can flow well with your existing home décor and aesthetics. For example, green wreaths go great with the natural look in rustic homes. Modern homes often have pops of color that catch the eye. You can build on that with things like red ribbon or metallic silvery snowflakes for an additional pop of color.

How To Decorate the Windows and Doors

Pella Reserve Traditional wood awning windows decorated for the holidays

Windows and even doors are some of the easiest ways to bring holiday cheer to your home.


One way is to drape LED lights around and down them to light up the area. You can opt for classic white lights or try colorful lights in different decorative shapes like candy canes. Putting lights around your windows can help light your home up when it gets dark outside, which happens earlier and earlier every day. The lights can also illuminate the inside of your windows and make them pop, including their finishes.


Another excellent option for windows but especially your front entry doors are wreaths. Wreaths come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your needs. For example, you could get a mini wreath for your windows and a large one for your doors. Your chosen wreath can also match your home’s style, from traditional with just green and red accents, or more earthy with pinecones and berries, or full of glitter and snow. A classic green wreath pairs well with a natural stained wood window to accent the natural colors of your home. Another great color combo for a green wreath is a bold red door to create the traditional color scheme of Christmas. 


Candles are a great decoration choice for the holidays. Flameless candles allow you to achieve a cozy, classic look while avoiding adding a hazard to your home. This decoration is another option that offers a lot of variety to match your home’s style. For example, for a subtle showcase, you can choose white, sparkly candles.

Stained Glass

Another option for a more traditional look is to use stained glass figurines. These can go near the windows so light shines through them while also being considered an art piece. If you want to be more playful and fun with it, try using holiday decals. These decals are just like stickers and come in various options and designs that you can use in combinations to decorate your window glass.

How To Decorate Per Your Home’s Interior Aesthetic

Home décor and a Pella window

There are many ways to have your holiday decorations match your home’s aesthetic. First, you can choose colors that are already in your home. For example, you can select a burgundy red for decorations if the traditional brighter shade clashes with colors already present in your décor. You could even use complementing colors, like having blue décor in your home and finding a green that goes with it.

Another way to match up your decorations is to maintain a theme and showcase collections or add festive touches to your existing home décor. For example, you can add matching figurines or accents like green wreaths or red ribbons around different items in your home.

You can also choose a focal point or centerpiece for your decorations and base your theme on that. For example, with your tree as the centerpiece, you can take its color scheme and decoration style and spread it across your home. Another popular focal point is the fireplace, which can be accented with holiday décor. Creating or selecting a focal point and maintaining the theme can help preserve your home’s aesthetic during the holidays.

Happy Holidays from Pella

Decorating your home is a way to celebrate the holidays and bring holiday joy into your home. We hope these tips help make the process go a bit smoother this year. However you choose to decorate, the Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia team hopes you enjoy the holidays!

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