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Ideas for the Front of Your Philadelphia Home

Posted on August 22, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

Patio area with black windows and seating

The front of your home is important because it is the first thing everyone sees. With that said, you want to make the façade beautiful and functional for fantastic curb appeal.

Here are some ideas to step up your porch and the rest of your Philadelphia home's exterior.

Porch Ideas

Add a Seating Area

Nothing says "welcome home" like having a cozy porch with plenty of seating. Some Philadelphia homes have covered or wrap-around porches, which are great for additional seating. This allows you to sit out there, enjoy the sights and relax with friends and family while getting some fresh air. Include a traditional rocking chair or a bench that hangs from your porch's ceiling to rock back and forth, or add comfortable chairs so that you can kick back and relax.

Incorporate Plants

Adding plants to the front of your home can bring some color and improve curb appeal. Consider stand-alone plants on your porch or make a flower bed with native Philadelphia flowers. You can play around with colors and textures by choosing different types of flowers. For example, if you have a mostly green lawn, add pops of colors with red and yellow tulips. You can also place flowers in a pot attached to the bottom of your windows on the exterior of your home. 


Update Your Walkways

You want the front door to your home to be easily accessible. To facilitate this, create a path to your front door either from your driveway, the sidewalk or both. You can choose to do this using steppingstones, asphalt or concrete.

You can be as creative as you want with this project. For example, do you want a straight line for a walkway or something with some curves? Make your walkways wide enough and accessible for all people to use.

Use Decorative Lights

You may want some lighting on the exterior of your home, not only to light up your home but also so you can see when going in and out at night. Lanterns can be attached to your home on either side of your front door or on a stand-alone post near the end of your driveway to light the way.

Front of a home with white windows

Window and Front Door Combinations

Install Side Panels on Your Front Door

Choosing a front door is an important decision because it's the transitional moment between the outside world to your own oasis. However, while selecting the door is a big decision, you also want to choose the things around the main door. For instance, do you want sidelights on your door? Do you want your windows to be more decorative? How big do you want them and how far up the door do you want them to go?         

This Harleysville, Pennsylvania homeowner, for example, was looking to upgrade the exterior appearance of their home, and that started with their front door. Our team installed a fiberglass door that looks like a wood door. We did this to keep the door low-maintenance and enhance durability. The homeowners also decided to go with sidelights with decorative glass to add curb appeal to the front entryway. We also installed replacement double-hung windows on the front of the home to boost its visual appeal.

Keep It Symmetrical

Consider the symmetry of your home prior to making any updates. For example, you can put double-hung windows on either side of your front door to keep the look balanced. Double-hung windows are a classic choice for many Philadelphia homes.

For example, this New Hope, Pennsylvania homeowner wanted to modernize their home without sacrificing the traditional look of their colonial home. Our replacement double-hung windows, finished in black, kept true to the home's look while also making a bold statement. The double-hung windows line the front of the house and add to its aesthetic and curb appeal.

Choose Arched Windows

Other window ideas that can be stunning in the front of your Philadelphia home are arched windows. Another way to achieve this arched look is to do square windows like double-hung, casement or sliding windows, with an arched window over the top.

Gray front of a home with black windows

Consider a Front Door with Windows on Sides

If you want a lot of glass space at the front of your home to achieve a modern look, you can surround your front door with picture windows. Large picture windows in the front of your home can add to its curb appeal while also allowing lots of light in your home and creating a gorgeous view.

Place Windows Above the Door

Another option for adding windows around your front door is to put a window above your door. Adding a window above your front entry door is excellent for those with high ceilings in your home's front area as you can look out the window from higher points in your home. This window can also add a dramatic effect from the inside while bringing in more sunlight from a different angle, creating unique shadows. 

For example, our team was able to transform the front entryway of this Montgomery County home with a black door that features multiple panes of glass and a large black window above the door. The combination of the front door and picture window match the contemporary style of the home but also makes the entryway feel grand. The light shining through into the house is also impressive.

Put a Window Next to a Solid Front Door

You may prefer a solid fiberglass door but have concerns about the lack of natural light it will allow into your home. Consider sidelights or other windows surrounding your door, like we've mentioned above, to get the best of both worlds.

At Pella, we can help with all your window and door needs. Our team is here to help you bring your design ideas to life to create your dream front façade.

We have a variety of doors and windows to help best complement your home. Our representatives at Pella of Philadelphia are experts in the field and can help with all your questions, including going over design ideas, product type and material recommendations. Schedule your free consultation today to get started.

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