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Patio Door Style Options For Your Philadelphia Home

Posted on August 09, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

Black hinged patio doors in living room

As another entry and exit point, patio doors play a crucial part in your home. Along with our window selection, we also have a variety of patio door styles and materials for you to look through and find the best one for your home.

Here are popular patio door styles for Philadelphia homes.

Create a Design Using Multiple Patio Doors

If you have a large wall, line it with several patio doors to create architectural interest and multiple entry points. These patio doors can consist of detailed hinged doors to provide elegance and show craftsmanship, or they can be doors that make a bold outline against your home’s walls — for example, having black patio doors against a white wall.

You can also choose between thinner or thicker trim, depending on how bold you want the doors to be. For example, this Main Line homeowner in Paoli, PA made a bold statement when they installed multiple black wood-hinged patio doors in the front of their house. The black doors provided a fantastic contrast to the home’s white exterior and boosted its modern aesthetic.

You can also have several sliding patio doors installed to create the look of a glass wall. The expansive glass on sliding patio doors will complement minimalistic and open concept designs.

Get Inspired by Nature 

Natural stained wood is a popular trend for many modern homes. Exposed wood can make your home feel closer to nature and complement the other nature-inspired decorations used throughout your home.

An easy way to incorporate the natural wood look into your home is by finishing your patio door frames in a natural wood stain. At Pella, we have various options for wood patio doors. In addition, each of our patio doors is long-lasting so that you can get the style of natural wood and durability.  

Create an Elegant Look

Hinged patio doors have an elegant aesthetic to them. You can do double-hinged patio doors to create a grand entrance look. If you have a traditional home, you may want to consider hinged patio doors with an arched top. Another way to elevate the elegant and classic look is to get a wood patio door. Our wood patio doors are beautifully crafted and can be finished to match your home’s aesthetic.

Multi-Slide patio door between living room and patio area

Turn Two Spaces Into One

Open your home up with our bifold and multi-slide patio doors. You can create an amazing indoor-outdoor space with a multi-slide patio door that separates your living room and your patio when closed but, when opened, creates a wide-open entryway between the two spaces. This set-up is great for the summertime when you have guests over.

In addition, you can have a patio door that allows guests to easily socialize and go from the outside areas where there may be fun and games into your home to prepare food in the kitchen or use the restroom. An example is a Downingtown, PA home we worked on. Our team installed a four-panel sliding patio door that gave the homeowners access to their patio. The black sliding door created a modern look, letting in tons of natural light.

You can also use this type of patio door internally. For example, you can separate a room from your living room and only open the door when you want to entertain guests and need more space. Likewise, you can use patio doors to shut off access to your office space when you need some quiet time, or you can use it to seclude a second dining room used when guests come over for dinner parties or during the holidays.

Black windows and doors in living room

Get a Modern Look

Sliding patio doors are an excellent option for modern-styled homes because they contain lots of glass space, which a common trait of contemporary and modern home designs.

Another way to get a modern look for your home is to through different window frames and trims. For example, you can choose windows with thin, sleek frames to give you the ultimate amount of glass space, or you could decide to go with thicker frames or a thick trim to keep it bold. Finally, you could finish the thick frames in black and make a statement with your patio doors while keeping the modern look.

Combine Patio Doors and Windows

Patio doors can brighten your space, improve ventilation and add an element of functionality. Adding windows near or around your patio doors can enhance these benefits.

Double-hung, picture and awning windows can be a great addition to your sliding doors — and are commonly found in Philadelphia homes. Adding windows next to your sliding patio doors can add more glass space to let in natural light and make your home feel larger.

Patio Door Accessories

You want your patio doors to look good and function well. At Pella, we offer innovations to help the functionality and look of your patio doors. For example, we provide between-the-glass blinds and shades so that you can easily open and close the window treatment while not creating an extra cleaning step. 

For example, these Quakertown, PA homeowners wanted to replace their patio door to increase energy efficiency and give them control over the light entering their home. We installed our vinyl sliding patio door with built-in blinds to help achieve their goals. The change to a gridless sliding door with blinds allows them to have a clear patio view and control the amount of light coming into their home. Another option for select patio doors is to install one of our screens, including our retractable Rolscreen that disappears when not in use.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern patio door or a traditional, elegant patio door, we can help! Schedule a free in-home consultation to find the best patio door for your home.

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