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Pella® Lifestyle Series Product Spotlight

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

on May 7, 2020

Double-hung windows offer more ventilation. If you love fresh air in your home, double-hung windows might be a great fit for you. You operate a double-hung window by sliding either sash (or both) up and down. Double-hung Lifestyle Series windows are available in dual-pane glass only. Double-hung window sizes depend on the type of double-hung as well. Vented, or operable, double-hungs size up to 77” by 41”; fixed double-hung windows size up to 77” by 59”; and transom double-hung windows size up to 25” by 41”.

Casement windows offer a clean view without interruption and function by cranking open. Our Lifestyle Series casement windows have a crank that folds away to ensure a clean look and safety for little hands. Lifestyle Series casement windows are available in dual- or triple-pane glass, meaning you can get blinds or shades between the glass added to your windows. Between-the-glass blinds are beneficial for controlling the amount of light that is let into your home without having to worry about dust gathering or little hands or paws getting caught. Casement windows have varying sizes depending on the amount of function you’d like. Fixed casement windows —those that don’t open — size up to 73” by 59”. If you like to let air into your home, you can opt for a vented casement or a transom. Vented casements size up to 73” by 35” while transoms size up to 29” by 35”.

Awning windows are hinged at the top and swing out from the bottom. They offer the same unobstructed view as casements but usually skew more horizontally. Awning windows come with dual- or triple-pane glass and also have the option of blinds or shades between the glass. Awning windows with dual-panes size all the way up to 29” by 53”; triple-pane awning windows size all the way up to 59” by 59”.

Features Available (Triple-Pane Glass):

Between-the-glass blinds in white, poplar white, bisque, golden, mocha, storm and black.

Between-the-glass shades come with the option to choose between light-filtering and room darkening shades. This second option can make a world of difference for homeowners who work third shift and have to sleep during the day. Light-filtering shades come in the linen, maize and silver colors. Room darkening shades come in the cotton, bamboo and ash colors.

These are available only with triple-pane glass as the triple-pane allows us to put the blinds or shades in between. In dual-pane glass, the two panes hold argon gas, which helps with energy efficiency in your home. Triple-pane, of course, has this as well, but that’s why we have to add a third pane to incorporate the blinds or shades.

Other Features to consider: Screens and Insynctive Technology

Your screen type will depend on your style of window, but in terms of screen material Pella offers In-View Screens. In-View screens use more material and offer a sturdier solution. Screens for the Lifestyle Series come in the white, champagne, brown or black.

With our Lifestyle Series we also offer the option to include Insynctive Technology, which integrates cam-action lock sensors into the locks on your windows and allows you to motorize and control the blinds or shades in your Lifestyle Series windows from your smartphone!

The Lifestyle Series offers many unique options that our homeowners love. If you might be interested in the Lifestyle Series for your home, reach out to us to set up an appointment with one of our sales consultants to learn more with a free in-home consultation.

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