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Philadelphia Trend of the Month: Casement Windows can the Ventilation You Need in Your Home

Posted on August 29, 2019 in Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

Our sales team sees some of the best and newest trends when they’re out spending time with their customers and helping them to replace their windows and doors. They’re all throughout our city each and every day both seeing and installing some of the newest, most modern trends. When it comes to modernizing and updating your home, you couldn’t take advice from a better source! Luckily we’re curating the month’s trends that we’ve noticed in Philadelphia just for you, every single month. This month’s trend? Our homeowners are replacing in order to increase airflow in their homes—and they’re using our casement windows to do it!

casement windows

So why casement windows for airflow? What specifically makes homeowners want casement windows when they’re looking to increase the amount of air let into a room in their home? Well, it actually comes down to the very design of the window. While some might think a double-hung window might be better suited for airflow given the size of the opening, that’s actually not true. The design of a casement window opens outward and creates a large opening as well, but the real catch is that the window itself stretches out, causing the wind to be caught by the window and (thanks to physics) brought into your home.

The other beautiful thing about casement windows is that they give you more control of how much air you’d like to let in. You also  have the opportunity to ‘catch’ air from different directions as well since you can adjust a casement to be as wide or as narrow as you’d like.

One area you do want to be careful with when replacing with casement windows is where your windows are in your home as this can affect air flow. The best way to be cautious and make sure you get windows in a spot that best fit your needs is to consult a seasoned professional who will be able to help you sort through the considerations as well as share the additional benefits of casement windows.

If you’re looking to replace your windows and want to know more about casement windows, reach out to one of our many talented sales reps here!

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