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Setting Up the Perfect Dining Room for Your Philadelphia Home

Posted on February 22, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

Pella architect contemporary wood windows in dining room

The dining room is a place where your family can gather to enjoy good food and good company, so you want to make the most of the space in terms of style and comfort. Let’s dive into some of the essentials when it comes to shopping for and setting up your dining room in your Philadelphia home.


One of the first things you have to decide when it comes to the dining room is which room is going to be the designated dining room. You want to choose a room that is large enough for your needs and is near the kitchen. Some homes have formal dining rooms and then use the dinette for daily meals. You can use these tips for both to ensure style and comfort in both areas.


Another important part of your dining room is the table. Dining room tables come in so many different sizes, styles and materials. You’ll need to assess what you’re looking to get from your dining room table and then make decisions from there. Overall, you’ll want a sturdy table that is big enough for your family to comfortably enjoy meals. Even if you're planning on using your dining room table for parties and need a lot of space for guests, you will want to choose a table that can also be used on an everyday basis. An extendable table is a great table option for those who usually only have a small number of people using it every day, but may occasionally need up to ten seats.

Your table's shape is another important factor to consider when picking out your table. Many tables are long and rectangular, which may not be ideal for talking with your family since this can make them sit further away. If this is an issue, round tables may be the solution. 

Pella Impervia casement fiberglass windows in dining room


What do we need with a dining room table? Some chairs! You can choose a dining table and chair set, or you can choose to do a different style chair that still complements your dining room table and the room’s aesthetic. Go for a neutral look with wood or mix and match styles and materials. While style is important for the look of your dining room, you should also spend some time focusing on finding comfortable seats because you will likely be sitting in those chairs almost every day. Take into account how the chair feels when you sit in it including your posture. For example, you can add a cushion to the chair for added comfort. You can also look into the different backs and shapes of chairs to find one that feels the most comfortable to sit in. The last consideration when choosing your dining room chairs is the chair legs, how they will work with your floors and ways you can plan to prevent scratches.

Area Rugs

You might be wondering why you would ever put carpet in your dining room, but an area rug can be great for grounding the space and is especially useful for separating a wood floor from a wood dining room table. An area rug is a great opportunity to add more to your room’s aesthetic and to play around with different colors and patterns. Look for area rugs that are durable against wear and tear and are easy to clean after spills, like indoor/outdoor rugs.


Storage in your dining room can be a necessity if you have a lot of plates and silverware, especially if you have different décor and utensils that you use for certain occasions. You can look for a cabinet or hutch that has a cohesive style with your dining room and use it to put things like wine glasses and plates reserved for the dining table. If you need something smaller, try a corner cart.

Pella Impervia black fiberglass windows with grilles in traditional dining room


Lighting is important in any room of your home, and that includes your dining room! Natural light is great for the dining room. It illuminates your décor and helps you enjoy the sunlight while eating your meal. At Pella, we can help to find the best windows for your needs in terms of both looks and functionality. For example, we offer wood, vinyl and fiberglass windows in a variety of finishes for you to choose from. You can pick your windows based on which one best fits your goals and your room’s aesthetic. So, whether you live in a modern or traditional style home in communities like Mt. Airy, Chestnut Hill, or somewhere in Northeast Philadelphia, our professional sales representatives can help you pick out a window that fits your design ideas. 

Our windows are also energy-efficient, helping to keep your home comfortable and lower your utility bills. The Low-E glass on them can also help protect your furniture from fading due to the sun’s UV rays. Some examples of windows for your dining room include casement or double-hung windows. These are great options as both let in fresh air while also offering glass space to let in the light. They are also easy to use and have several innovations to improve their use. For example, we can help you replicate your historic Society or Old City homes window style, while also improving energy efficiency and helping with their functionality.

If you are looking to get a light fixture in your dining rooms, make sure that it scales with the size of your dining room table to make it a good fit. For example, if your table is larger and longer, you’ll need a larger light fixture to ensure the whole table is well lit. If you have high ceilings, you can put a chandelier in your dining room, and if you have low ceilings, you can use ambient or sconce lights.

Focusing on comfort and style while setting up your dining room is the key to getting the most fulfillment out of it. Looking to elevate your dining room with updated windows? Set up a free in-home consultation with us!

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