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The Window Trend That's Here to Stay In Philadelphia

Posted on September 30, 2020 in Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

We started seeing an uptick in the number of homeowners wanting black windows around Philadelphia back in 2017,  and as hard as it is to believe, that's been nearly four years. During that time, we’ve seen the demand of black windows from Philly homeowners do nothing but climb. Why? Black windows offer a variety of unique attributes and benefits to East Coast homeowners. Here are some of the main reasons we’ve seen Philadelphia homeowners choose to replace with black windows:

Modernization without Change in Structure

black replacement windows

Black windows can be a fantastic way to modernize your home without having to change its structure. They bring a fresh, updated appearance to nearly any home and even look great on and can help modernize historical homes. This can be a huge benefit to homeowners around Philadelphia where so many homes are steeped in history. Black windows allow you to blend your more traditional home with modern looks, and gives dated homes the facelift and refresher they need on both the interior and exterior.

Create Eye-Catching Contrast

black windows on tan home

Unlike white windows that tend to blend with any color other than deep and dark colors, black windows will pop and create beautiful eye-catching contrast that makes your home stand out in a classy way. Black windows on white homes have been one of the most popular choices, however, black windows on bright red brick has also been extremely popular in downtown Philadelphia.

Create a Statement Frame for Your View

Black windows provide you with a frame for your view, unlike white ones that will tend to blend in with white or tan walls. They will have you dreading pulling your curtains at any time as they integrate your home with your view quite well.

Timeless and Proving to Be More than a Trendblack kitchen windows

Black has been known as a timeless color for quite some time, and while back in 2017, when we first started seeing orders and installs for black windows from homeowners around Philadelphia, we thought it was the hot new trend, it’s proven to be much more. We believe this is due to the timeless nature of the color black and its extreme versatility in being able to match a variety of different homes in terms of color and style.

Versatile with a Variety of Home Styles and Colors

This is why black windows have become more than a trend, showing their timelessness! Their ability to modernize, make a statement and renovate homes in a variety of styles, color and materials have made them an extremely popular choice for those living in the city or those further out in the suburbs.

If you’re looking  to modernize your home in or around Philadelphia, consider how black windows might transform your home. They just might be the answer you’re looking for. If you have questions about how they’d be best incorporated in your home, reach to one of our expert sales consultants here for a free quote and consultation.

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