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Types of Commercial Buildings Pella of Philadelphia Works On

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

on July 27, 2021

Pella windows commercial school building in Philadelphia

Our commercial department is busy with lots of projects! But what types of buildings do they work on? Well, all kinds! Our commercial division works to upgrade windows and doors in places like schools and community centers. Each of these businesses has unique challenges that we help to overcome and find solutions. Today, we will explore what our team was able to do for these school, community, and office buildings.


Schools are busy for most of the year and have a lot of traffic coming through them. A lot of schools are older buildings that need renovation. At Pella, we are able to accommodate school buildings’ needs in this regard.

In a project done for the Phil-Mont Christian Academy, they had a strict budget and an old school building with a poor heating system. Our commercial team was able to help them by first agreeing to break the project into two phases. This process allowed the school to fundraise for the second phase while the first phase was in progress. We were able to complete the installation in consecutive summers to take advantage of the kids being out of school.

We were able to aid with the energy efficiency of the building by using special glazing on the glass. Learn more about the project here.

With any school building’s age comes history. With any renovation, you want to keep the historic aspects of the building intact while also showcasing the new parts. This is true with another school building that we worked on, Shippensburg University’s Stewart Hall. This building started out as a gymnasium where the future Olympian Jim Thorpe trained. Since then, it has taken on roles of student housing, student union, and exhibition hall.

The university wanted to preserve the building's history but upgrade areas like the floors and windows. That’s where we stepped in. Learn more about our process and see the updated building here.

Community Centers

Along with school buildings, we also work on community centers. Community centers have their own unique needs based on what they will be used for and the people that will be using the building.

Rutgers University’s Center for Adult Autism Services Community Center, wanted to create a welcoming environment for adults with autism and be a place for students and staff to come, interact, and do research. With this in mind, the construction began. We worked with the client to come up with an inventive solution that maintained clean aesthetic lines on the exterior while the interior embodied warmth and focused on the beauty of the natural wood finish.

Another type of community center that we work on is senior living communities. These buildings require a level of understanding for the senior citizens that will call this place their home. For a project at Gloria Dei Pathways, we installed Lifestyle Series wood windows for a blend of comfort and privacy that was also stylish and durable. 


We may not always think about the offices we work in or the offices we visit for appointments as a building that someone designed and a team worked together to bring to life, but they are. These buildings have staff that spends hours in them and have many people passing through the building.

The Virtua Birthing Center was a unique project with its own goals. This medical office was built with comfort and privacy for expectant mothers in mind. We worked with our client to determine that the best window choice for the birthing center was our Lifestyle Series fixed casement wood windows that included features like grilles, blinds-between-the-glass and, Sound Transmission (STC) glass.

The Witherspoon Building is a historic office building that was built between 1895 and 1897. It was built for the Presbyterian Board of Publications and Sabbath School of Work. This 11-story building has lots of decorative elements and exterior features. Being able to match the replacement windows to the historical building’s original windows was an important factor in the decision of which windows to choose for this project. See the completed historic project here.

Affordable Housing & Apartments

Other types of buildings that our commercial crew does work for are apartments and other affordable housing units. While our retail end of business focuses on mostly single-family homes, it’s the job of our commercial team to make people who are renting a place feel at home too. An example of an apartment that we help revamp was Mulberry Station Apartments located in Harrisburg, PA. We worked directly with the Apartment Management Company to update the building’s original windows.  Check out the full details here.

We go above and beyond to try and accommodate the special circumstances of each building and our client's needs. From glass glazing to scheduling to choosing the perfect window frames, we help you through the entire process so that your business and all the people that use it have a great experience for years to come.

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