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What do Pella Architectural Representatives Do?

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

on February 10, 2021

At Pella, we are passionate about what we do and are here to help. Our Architectural Representatives are here to support architects in any capacity that we can.  And "What we do” is quite a lot, as the possibilities that Pella affords are nearly endless.  There are hundreds of configurations available throughout our product lines and combinations that you may not know are possible.  In addition to the nearly endless combinations, you can count on unparalleled Pella service, U-value, R-value, sound transmission, customization and service offerings that add up to value.

The fenestration of a building is a large and important part of a commercial structure and there’s a lot of information to consider when specifying. On taller buildings, Design Pressure Calculations and DP ratings certainly start to enter the mix of importance, but so do scheduling and sequencing. This is especially true in colder weather were getting the trades to work in a heated or conditioned building means faster everything. As a partner in your project, we aim to make the process as seamless as possible and we are with you from design through the final install and beyond — meaning our service continues well beyond install.  

We recognize that every project is unique, and bring experience to the drafting table so that smart decisions are made early.

The Heavy Lifting

window wall

We do the heavy lifting, both figuratively and literally.  First, from a simple punched opening to a much more elaborate window wall, we share our solution and the experience to go with it. Whether it’s building in chartered or uncharted territory, we’re there. Pella’s in-house Architect and Engineering team, known as PAS, can take your concept and collaborate, create, detail, deliver and install on a local and national level.  For existing structure projects, we’re taking measurements (at least twice and as many times as needed as conditions change), managing, installing, coordinating trailer drops, fielding issues, and concerns all locally with the Pella team available immediately.  We’re also there for complicated conditions as well as innovation.

Our receptor system — which can be used when a quick replacement (i.e., occupant occupied) method is needed as well as for whole building retrofits — and our new ADA-compliant Slide Opener(for when <5 lb.="" operating="" lift="" is="" code="" or="" for="" when="" you="" want="" to="" operate="" your="" windows="" in="" the="" easiest="" way="" help="" make="" job="" easier.="" be="" it="" energy="" custom="" extrusions="" 3d="" printed="" sure="" they="" aia="" re="" here="" help.="" and="" all="" of="" this="" before="" actual="" heavy="" p="">

What about the size and most importantly the weight of those commercial units?  Understanding how, when and by whom the installation is done is fundamental for the success of a commercial building envelope and we’re here to make sure smart decisions are made early.

The Not-so-Heavy Lifting


We were also were on pace for an annual Holiday dinner at DelFrisco’s. In past years we’ve held CEU/wine & cheese events at the AIA convention center before heading to DelFrisco’s for a fantastic dinner.  While we don’t swing from the vines like this too often, it’s time and money well spent to be able to celebrate those we get to work with throughout the year.

We’d love to keep you posted on events like these, current projects, innovations, news, updates and more, so please contact your local Pella Commercial office to learn more. 

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