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What is EnduraGuard® and How Can it Protect My Home??

Posted on November 25, 2020 in Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

wood windows in cabinEnduraGuard® may be a new term to you as a homeowner, and that's okay! Chances are, you've heard of it because you're considering wood windows for your home. Wood windows have a lot of benefits. From its inherent beauty to its energy-efficient qualities that will last for decades, wood has some incomparable assets.

However, just like with all good things in life, there can always be drawbacks. One that we hear the most from homeowners is in regard to durability. Wood, unlike vinyl or fiberglass, has a higher potential to be damaged. For years, this was a concern for homeowners regardless of who they bought their wood window from.

That's why EnduraGuard® was created. EnduraGuard® solves the biggest question for homeowners when it comes to wood windows: how do we protect our windows from the very environment they protect us from?

Pella's EnduraGuard® offers advanced protection from the effects of moisture, stains from mold and mildew, decay and termites. It, coupled with Pella's immersion-treatment method, helps to ensure strong windows that are protected from the elements and environment.

It's not only for your windows either, from windows to patio doors to entry doors, the exterior of every Pella wood product is treated with EnduraGuard®.

Homeowners that are required by historical or HOA requirements to have wood windows, can breathe a sigh of relief knowing their new wood windows will be good for years to come. This is also a good general consideration for homeowners living in the Northeast.

Pella EnduraGuard® allows homeowners living in places with four seasons, like Philadelphia, to opt for wood windows without needing to worry as much about how the cold and wet weather will affect their windows.

If you've held back exploring wood products due to concern over durability or longevity, fear no more. Your home deserves the best, both in beauty and in durability! Learn more about our wood windows, the Pella Architect and Lifestyle Series windows, with the confidence that EnduraGuard® protects them, just like they'll protect you and your home.

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