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Why Fiberglass Windows are a Top Choice for Commercial Buildings

Posted on February 05, 2021 in Pella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

When you look at a building like Project Home it’s easy to be in awe of the size and beauty of it. What’s harder to see when you look at it are the thoughtful designs and careful decisions that are made in order to make it not only large and beautiful, but functional and durable as well. This conundrum has occupied the minds of architects, builders and developers alike for as long as humans have been erecting buildings. Having to choose between function and durability or size and beauty isn’t a decision anyone wants to have to make, and it’s often the reason behind many of the innovations we see today in new buildings and architectural designs.

black fiberglass windows

It was also the driving factor behind the Pella® Impervia® Series windows. Commercial buildings, be it a school, hospital, apartment complex or business, needed a window solution that could withstand the test of time and weather, but also complement a building’s architectural style in a way that made for an attractive building.

Fiberglass is made of glass fibers that a weft inserter waves and knits into a resin injector. The glass fibers are strategically placed to ensure each lineal of material has maximum strength. This creates a material that is several times stronger than vinyl or wood. The added strength of the window frame allows us to create much larger windows, which is what allows commercial buildings to create large and beautiful walls of glass. While the strength of fiberglass allows us to create larger windows, its durability is equally attractive to business owners as it is highly resistant to dents, scratching, warping or corroding. This makes for very little necessary maintenance.

project home with black fiberglass windows

In addition to strength and durability, fiberglass windows are also energy efficient. This is due to the resistance of the frames. Unlike wood and vinyl, fiberglass windows are highly resistant to contraction and expansion from extreme temperatures, this prevents gaps from forming and seals from breaking. In addition, since glass is a natural insulator, fiberglass follows suit. This high level of energy efficiency can make a huge difference in a building’s bottom line. With the right windows in place, you can drastically reduce the energy bill for your building.

While fiberglass windows are a great feature for your building and your business in terms of energy efficiency and durability, with the Pella® Impervia® line you’ll have the ability to design a building that not only benefits your bottom line, but that will fulfill the vision you have for your building as well. Pella provides a plethora of options in terms of styles and colors of fiberglass windows. This allows architects, builders and developers the ability to provide homeowners with the design options they want as well as the practicality they need.

If you’re interested in exploring our Pella® Impervia® line further, reach out to one of our Commercial reps, who can be found here.

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