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Smart Window and Patio Door Security Options from Pella

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

on June 22, 2021

Security is important. Securing your home gives you peace of mind that you, your family and your home are safe even when you aren’t there. At Pella, we offer a variety of options to ensure that safety and security are a top priority on your windows and doors. We also make it a priority that our secure hardware options fit the style of your windows and also match our promise in durability and performance. Today, we will go over some of our locks and features that provide that added security to your windows and patio doors.

Pella window security hardware cam-action lock

Window Security

SureLock. The SureLock system pulls the window sash up and in to secure it tightly against the weatherstripping to create a strong seal.

Unison Lock System. Our patented unison lock is available on our casement and awning wood windows as well as our vinyl series. The unison lock system secures these windows in two places using just a single fold-away crank. This handle won’t interfere with any window treatments as it folds neatly out of the way. This hardware comes in several different colors and aesthetics to suit a variety of styles.

Cam-Action Lock. On our single-, double-hung and sliding windows, we have an exclusive cam-action lock that is designed to improve window security and create a strong seal by reaching out and grabbing the opposing sash to pull it into the other sash.  The cam-action lock system is available on our Impervia, Reserve Traditional, Architect Traditional and Lifestyle Series windows.

AutoLock. The AutoLock hardware does what it says, it automatically locks the windows when they are shut. All you have to do is simply close the window, and it will automatically lock. You can confirm that it is locked and that’s it. You don’t have to worry about if you locked it, it just is locked. This is available on our vinyl 250 Series windows.

Vent Stop. Another enhancement is the vent stop. This can be operated manually and restricts how far the bottom sash of a double-hung window can open. The sash is only allowed to open up to four inches by a window opening control device unless it is intentionally disengaged, then the window can be opened more. This added precaution means that your kids can’t open the window more than they should, making it safe and providing you comfort knowing it exists. This feature is available on our vinyl windows.

Pella patio door security hardware integrated footbolt

Patio Door Security

Multipoint Locking System. We go above and beyond to make innovative security systems, so you always feel safe. Our sliding patio doors feature a multipoint locking system that secures your doors in two places.

Integrated Footbolt. Available exclusively on Pella 250 Series sliding patio doors, we offer a patent-pending footbolt that is flush with the frame. This innovation provides secondary venting and locking abilities without compromising the beauty of your doors. This optional integrated footbolt feature makes our 250 Series sliding patio door our most secure door yet!

Footbolt. A footbolt is also standard on our fiberglass patio doors. This footbolt is different than the one on our vinyl patio doors as it is not built into the frame. This hardware still gives your doors a second point of locking to protect your home further. Another feature of this footbolt is that it can hold your doors open about three inches for ventilation. Being able to ventilate your home with fresh air is great for the summer, especially if you have our Rolscreen retractable screen in place.

Exterior Keylock. On our vinyl patio doors, we have exterior locks so that your doors can be locked and unlocked from the exterior with a key. There are also keyless options that are available. This hardware is all about providing you with secure and convenient options.

Thumbturn. Are your hands busy with your children, pets and just juggling daily life? We have a convenient thumbturn lock that allows you to open and close your patio door with just one hand! So, you can easily open your patio doors while life keeps on going.

SmartKey Re-Key Technology. Need to re-key your wood patio doors? It’s as simple as inserting the functioning key, inserting the SmartKey tool, and then putting in the new key. The Baldwin hardware makes it that easy!


Pella smart window security hardware technology insynctive

Smart Technology

Insynctive Technology. An innovative technology that we offer when it comes to security is Insynctive Technology. We offer integrated security sensors that can be built into your window or door frames, hidden from view, to preserve the natural beauty of the product. We also offer universal window and doors sensors so that you can add them to your already existing windows and doors. Our systems are compatible with some other monitoring software as well.

When you download the Pella Insynctive app, you gain remote control over some useful features. With the app, you can check to see if your windows and doors are open or closed. You can also check to see if they are locked. You will also receive real-time notifications when these actions occur. This means that you can see that your children get home and when exactly that happens. Being able to see these things gives you peace of mind. You can enjoy your time away, whether it’s at work or on vacation, and know that your windows and doors are exactly how you left them, safe and secure.

If you have or are planning to install Lifestyle Series windows, we offer motorized blinds and shades. You can control your integrated blinds and shades with either the app or with the remote control. This feature is perfect for those hard-to-reach places so that instead of having to climb over things and fuss with the blinds, a simple touch of a button will automatically do it.

Our windows and patio doors have so many features and options that make your feel assured that you and your home are secured. We are constantly innovating and creating new and better hardware security features to protect your home. With smart technology on the rise, we continue to strive for more.

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