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Window Replacement for Every Room in Your Philadelphia Home

PostedbyPella Windows & Doors of Philadelphia

on June 22, 2022

Vinyl casement windows on both sides of bed

There are many different types of windows out there. Each window has its own benefits, style, and function. Let’s discuss a few popular choices for Philadelphia homes and how each type of window and door fits into the different rooms that make up your home.  

The Different Windows and Their Benefits

Casement windows: Casement windows are a popular window replacement choice because they offer lots of glass space for illuminating your home with natural light. When opened, they also maximize ventilation. This window type is hinged on one side and opens outwards with the turn of a handle. With no muntins (a bar or rigid supporting strip between adjacent panes of glass), casement windows offer a clean, unobstructed view. These can be used in combination with non-operable windows like picture windows, or as a component of bow windows, so you can still have lots of glass space and airflow.

Our team replaced double-hung windows on a Landenberg, PA, home with vinyl casement windows. The switch to casement windows meant more airflow and more glass space to upgrade the look of the home’s new addition.

Their large glass space and thin frame options can give your home the modern look you want while also providing ventilation. Casement windows can be perfectly placed in your bedroom, living room, or home office area to provide you with the maximum amount of light and ventilation. Other spaces that benefit from the air circulation that casement windows provide are the kitchen and bathrooms. Many homeowners place casement windows by their kitchen sink because they are easy to open and close and bring in the light and airflow kitchens need.

Wood double-hung windows in kitchen and dining room

Double-hung windows: Popular for their timeless style, enhanced ventilation, and ease of use and cleaning, double-hung windows are a common choice for windows across many home styles. Both the top and bottom sash on double-hung windows are operable, letting you open them from the top and bottom to increase airflow. You can also tilt either sash to easily clean the interior and exterior.

Double-hung windows are also often found in kitchens due to their function and benefits. For example, we worked with Third Generation Contracting to install Pella Lifestyle Series wood windows in a beautiful, award-winning kitchen remodel in Havertown, PA. The wood double-hung windows paired beautifully with the marble countertops and white cabinets in the kitchen.

Double-hung windows are also often found in bedrooms. Second- and third-story rooms, like bedrooms, typically have double-hung windows because of the top sash can slide down and tilt inwards for easy access to clean the interior and exterior of the windows from inside.

Vinyl sliding windows in living and game rooms

Sliding windows: Sliding windows consist of a fixed sash and a moving sash that glide together horizontally. With lots of glass space and an operable sash, this type of window lets in a good amount of natural light and fresh air. Many people choose sliding windows because of their ease of accessibility, wide design, and flat, compact profile. Sliding windows are popular in areas that are close to a deck or patio because they do not protrude into the outdoor living space. They are also commonly found in sunrooms.

For example, our Pella team installed vinyl sliding windows in a sunroom in Huntingdon Valley, PA. Adding sliding windows increased the room’s functionality and energy efficiency.  

Energy-efficient windows: Energy-efficient windows have many benefits including helping to protect our environment, enhancing the comfort of your home by regulating the temperature year-round, and lowering your utility bill. At Pella, we offer many energy-efficient and ENERGY STAR certified options. For example, our wood Architect Series and Lifestyle Series windows along with our vinyl 250 Series windows are ENERGY STAR certified. With Pella, you can get excellent performance and amazing style all in one window.

Whether you need an energy-efficient kitchen window or want symmetrical double-hung windows for the front of your home to add curb appeal, we can help! With our various styles and materials, our window replacement professionals can assist you with finding the perfect windows and doors for your entire home. Set up your free consultation today.

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