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5 Tips for Navigating Home and Garden's (successfully) from the Experts

Posted on February 23, 2018 in Pella Windows & Doors of Pittsburgh

1. DO reserve a sizable amount of your time for when you plan to go.

    DON’T schedule an event or meeting that’s time sensitive for right after         when you want to go to the Home Show.

homeshow booth

Home shows are huge and have tons of vendors; some that you might not even realize would be at a home show. Once you get there, you’re probably going to find at minimum an additional 5 booths that interest you and you’d like to devote time to, so either plan accordingly (highly recommended for attending during the week) or plan to go on a weekend day where you don’t have quite as tight of a schedule.

2. DO have either a paper or mental list of the top 5 items/project ideas             that you’d like to check out.

    DON’T be afraid to check out other booths and vendors that aren’t                 necessarily on your list (so long as you listened to tip #1).

Home shows have two main purposes: to allow you to compare product quality and prices on projects you’re already planning for but they’re also there to inspire you for that next home improvement project as well. If a booth sparks interest and gives you a good idea for your next project, go talk to one of the representatives, you never know what inspiration you might get from a simple discussion with a pro.

3. DO schedule appointments for the bigger projects you’re planning or in       the midst of.

     DON’T just get literature, talk to someone.

home and garden booth

A lot of the goods and products that are at home shows are big and complicated projects. It’s always best to get the experts' opinion. If  your project is something that’s happening in the next year or you’re already in the midst of, getting a consultation from an expert is going to allow you to have options and not be stuck fixing a DIY. DIY center pieces are fun, but DIY holes in your house are not fun.

4. DO get business cards.

     DON’T just get business cards.

There is no better place to find an expert for a home improvement project than at a home show. Take advantage of this and pick the brains of the representatives, instead of just taking their business cards and leaving. A good rep isn’t going to try to sell you right then and there. A good rep will try to give you solutions to choose from to when you explain your project. It’s free home improvement advice, which can be hard to come by, so take advantage of it.


5. DO take advantage of all the delicious food vendors.

     DON’T over indulge on the fudge.

One of the best parts about home shows is the food. One of the worst parts about home shows is having to walk around with a full stomach. We speak from experience here, having had our booth near the fudge and nachos stands one too many times….

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