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Black Windows: A Trend To Stay

Posted on December 14, 2021 in Pella Windows & Doors of Pittsburgh

Pella black Impervia fiberglass windows in bedroom

Black windows have been popping up everywhere nowadays! Where did they come from? Are they here to stay? Should you invest in black windows for your home? There are so many different questions about this aesthetic accent, so let’s take a deeper look.

Are Black Windows a Trend?

Black windows are not actually a new trend; they go back to industrial times when new businesses and factories began popping up. Because black windows aren’t new, they will probably not go out of style anytime soon. They work so well with many different home styles and have proven that they are here to stay.

Why Choose Black Windows?

The most common reason for choosing black windows? Style. Black windows create a modern, industrial look on your home’s exterior. They make a statement and add contrast, definition, interest and drama to your home. In certain cases, these effects can be even greater, like if you place them on a home with a white exterior. Another benefit of black windows is that the frames tend to disappear when looking outside, leaving only the view. The black lines also act as a shadow, making vibrant colors on your home pop and feel closer to you.

With this, black windows suit many different home styles. For example, if you are going for a contemporary, modern style, a mix of black awning, casement and fixed windows is a great option. Without grilles, your windows will have a lot of glass space, giving you an unobstructed view and creating a beautifully modern look. Following that idea, you can create a glass wall effect with windows and patio doors that span from the floor to the ceiling — which is a very popular trend these days among modern-style homes. Another great way to use black windows is in a farmhouse-style home. Adding black awning, double-hung or casement windows with thin traditional grilles can add a touch of modernity to a more traditional style home.

Pella black Lifestyle Series casement and picture windows

Where Can You Buy Black Windows?

At Pella, we offer black finishes on most of our product lines and frame materials. Our window materials include black frames on wood, fiberglass and vinyl. Our wood series include the Architect Series and Pella Reserve in traditional and contemporary options and our Lifestyle Series. These wood windows have an aluminum-clad exterior that can be finished black as well as an interior that can be painted or stained black. Fiberglass windows are part of our Impervia Series. This type of window is available with a solid black finish on the inside and outside. It also comes with our durable, long-lasting powder-coat finish for low maintenance and to reduce chipping and chalking. Lastly, our 250 Series vinyl windows have a dual-frame option with a black exterior with a white interior. With all these options, we are sure that there is a black window that is the best fit for your needs and style.

Are Black Windows More Expensive Than White Windows?

Black window frames can sometimes be more expensive than other colors that are offered. At Pella, a black finish on our wood windows is the same price as if you went with a white finish. Our fiberglass and vinyl windows are different though; choosing to go with a black exterior on these products can cost more. However, even with the added cost of some of our frame materials, installing new black windows can add value to your home as they give it an upscale look that can be visually appealing.

Pella black fiberglass windows in sunroom

What Are the Best Window Treatments for Black Windows?

Something you will have to keep in mind when choosing black windows is what kind of window treatments you may want to use with your new windows. Your choice in window treatments should be a reflection of you and your home’s style as well as an enhancement to it. One option for your black windows is to match them with black shades or blinds. Another option is to play around with colors, such as having the black window contrast a vibrant color to bring a pop to your home’s interior. You can also have blacked-lined window treatments. This means that you can have a white, patterned, or floral inside that is lined black to accent your interior while also having the curtains or drapes have a full black side facing the exterior so it doesn’t affect the aesthetic when looking from the outside of your home. The option that is most used and recommended for black windows, though, is to have no window treatments. With the sleek, clean black lines that black windows create, many people do not want them to be overshadowed by window treatments that cover them up.

Black windows are a popular trend that is here to stay. Luckily, our window professionals are here to offer you the best black windows for your needs and aesthetic. Ready to get started on upgrading the look of your home? Set up your free in-home consultation today.

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