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Bring Your Pittsburgh Home to Life with Pella Windows and Doors

Posted on July 26, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Pittsburgh

Blue wall with white windows in dining room

No one wants their home to feel dull and uninviting. There are many ways you can style a room to take it from dark and lifeless to cozy, open and bright. Read on to get inspired.

Choose a Color Scheme and Accent Walls

Choose a color scheme to guide you with your interior design; make sure to include your personality in the color choices. For example, adding a lot of white can help brighten your home. If you like pops of color, but still want a more neutral look, incorporate colorful details throughout your home. For example, try adding an accent wall. Accent walls are a great way to incorporate color into a room and give it a defining theme. For example, you can add a burgundy accent wall in your living room and then incorporate that color throughout the décor in the rest of the room. Adding color accents throughout a room through your décor is a great way to liven up the style of the room.

Warm Up a Room

You can also add warmth to a room. For example, wood accents are an excellent option for adding a natural feel and warmth to your rooms. Likewise, incorporating wood furniture and stained wood windows is suitable for adding warmth and richness to your home. There is also plenty of wooden décor to choose from. For example, you could have a wood coffee table or, thinking smaller, have a wooden bowl with fruit on your coffee table. Other colors that bring a warm feeling are earthy tones like white, cream, brown, sage, blue, beige, gray and mustard. You can also include these colors through your wall décor.

Incorporate Nature

Incorporating nature into your rooms brings them to life. Using plants as décor is a great option because of their earthy colors — they complement the neutrals throughout your home but still add color with hints of green. You could also add pops of color with pink, red or yellow flowers. Adding greenery can also complement your windows. For example, placing a green plant on a white windowsill makes the color seem brighter. Another example is having greenery with wood windows to showcase the beauty of natural materials and invoke warmth and color into the room.

Large window overlooking front yard

Bring in Natural Light

At Pella, we can help you bring your rooms to life with our windows and doors. We offer a variety of windows and doors to help fit your style. We also offer windows like large picture and casement windows that have lots of glass space to bring natural light into your home.

Here are some examples of how we’ve helped homeowners bring life into their homes with windows:

Sometimes less is more. For example, this Pittsburgh home (pictured above) originally had a five-wide window in their living room, but each window frame created a divide in the window and hindered the sightline. We replaced the old casement windows with two larger wood picture windows and a large center casement window. The new wood window combination provided the living room with a great view of the front yard without obstructing the view. The additional glass space that the new window combination created also helped brighten the living room.

Updating a variety of windows throughout your home can be a challenging process, but our team is here to help, just like we did with a Pittsburgh homeowner looking to replace multiple windows in their Craftsman house. We were able to update the look of this home while still staying true to the Craftsman style. The new black windows made a bold statement and opened up the front room and the upstairs laundry room.

White windows are also a fantastic way to brighten a home. We helped this Pittsburgh homeowner improve their house’s energy efficiency and control how much light they let into the room. The combination of multiple casement windows and half-circles above them created a large amount of glass space to brighten the home. In addition, the traditional grille pattern brought the home’s aesthetic together and the between-the-glass blinds added functionality.

Along with windows, adding a patio door to a room that connects to your yard can help bring in even more sunlight. We offer sliding patio doors with a lot of glass space and can be two, three or four panels. If you want something more elegant, check out our hinged patio doors.

Living room with black patio doors and windows

Decide on a Focal Point

Having a focal point brings gives you the chance to show off your style. You can find your focal point in a variety of places. For example, you can make the fireplace your focal point in your living room and have your furniture facing it. You can use this same arrangement if you want the focal point to be your coffee table or another piece of furniture. The goal is to make that piece the room’s center and arrange the furniture around it, so guests will naturally focus their attention on it.

Add Texture

Adding texture to a room can help it feel more interesting and welcoming. You can find texture in anything from your flooring, wall finishes, furniture and décor. Various materials can make the room more visually attractive and add dynamic energy to your home’s design. One way to get texture in your room is through your living room seating. For example, having a leather armchair with a plush, velvet throw pillow and a chunky knit blanket creates a ton of contrasting textures that are visually appealing. You can also play with texture in your window treatments by layering different materials or patterns, like having a thick drape over a light sheer. Lastly, you can play around with textured walls and shiny metallics. For example, you can add textured wall panels or plaster that you apply by hand. Finally, you can add polished finishes to your kitchen cabinets, metal chairs and wall décor.

Adding natural light, texture and warmth to your rooms can create a bright, welcoming environment. Windows are a great place to begin. Ready to get started? Schedule a free in-home consultation today.

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