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Contemporary Style Ideas for Your Pittsburgh Home

Posted on February 15, 2022 in Pella Windows & Doors of Pittsburgh

Pella Architect Series Contemporary wood windows

What is Contemporary Style?

Contemporary-style homes are popular in many different areas of downtown Pittsburgh. The contemporary style focuses on simplicity, clean lines and sophistication. Paying attention to how your décor pairs with the craftsmanship and architecture of your home can create a calm and serene environment. Since the contemporary style has a minimalist feel, you want to avoid any unnecessary furniture to reduce clutter, open the space and solidify its contemporary aesthetic. 

Colors of a Contemporary Home

A contemporary home may feature neutral colors accompanied by cooler tones to create a simple yet sophisticated feel. These neutral tones include white, gray, black and beige. If you want to keep it colorful but also cool-toned, you can use pastel shades. Along with the overall neutral tones, accent colors are typical of the contemporary style. Using bold accent colors can add a pop to your rooms and establish a focal point. Another popular trend in contemporary style is organic accents. For example, the green pop of color from your houseplants can add interest to a neutral-colored room. Another way to enhance the craftsmanship of a room is with natural wood accents.

Floor Plans, Designs and Furniture in a Contemporary Home

Many newer houses are being designed and built with the contemporary style in mind. Open floor plans are a popular trend today and can be achieved by opening up the space in your home to make it one continuous and functional space. For example, a standard open floor plan design includes a living room, kitchen and dining room that are flawlessly connected and flow together without separating walls. Another common characteristic of these homes is the bare flooring. This includes having hardwood floors or tiles with some area rugs instead of having carpet installed everywhere.

Another crucial part of designing and decorating your home is understanding the different geometric shapes and textures that you can make in the room. For example, you can switch it up by using textures like natural stone, brick or wood on your large walls. You can also incorporate different textures through the textiles and decorative fabrics on your furniture. Having a variety of house plants or using textured area rugs is another way to add contrast. Don't be afraid to mix textures or have different ones, as long as they act as accents and don't overwhelm the style. Be aware that your décor and accents can cast shadows across your living space, so be thoughtful in your placement of these items as they may impact the final look of the area.

As for furniture, stick to simplistic pieces that are visually appealing. The items you choose should align with the style's clean lines and air of sophistication.

Pella Impervia fiberglass casement windows

Windows on a Contemporary Home

Lighting is an integral part of a contemporary home. Finding the best window for your home can make a massive difference in the natural light coming into your home. For example, casement windows offer a good amount of glass space to let in tons of sunlight and give you an unobstructed view. They also are easy to use and can be opened for ventilation. If you don't need an operable window but still want the views and light, picture windows are a great option and can range in shapes and sizes to fit your dream window design. At Pella, we offer a variety of windows that can fit your contemporary style. For example, our wood windows provide a natural accent.

You could even install our contemporary window products to get the sleek, clean lines that make up the contemporary style. Choosing windows that have thin frames and bring in natural light can make a bold statement on any home and add that beautiful contemporary flair. Adding a contemporary-style window is a great way to achieve a transitional aesthetic, which has a mix of traditional and contemporary elements. This style is common in homes located in Mt. Washington and the State College area as well as new construction homes in Wexford. 

As for color, black windows continue to trend. They make a bold statement on the inside and outside of your home. We offer windows finished in black to complete the look of your home and elevate its curb appeal. If you don't want to commit to black windows, we offer other colors to fit with your home, from browns and whites, and more.

When it comes to window treatments, many contemporary homes go without. Again, the goal is to bring in natural light and show off the room's beauty, so having heavy window treatments can hinder that feel and make your home look outdated. If you do want window treatments, choose to use them as accents. For example, wooden blinds and shades are great for an organic accent and texture.

A contemporary home is a beautiful style with key features and designs. Schedule your free in-home consultation with us today if you're ready to install contemporary windows to complete the look. 

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