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“Home Improvement” Projects To Keep your Kids Busy

Posted on April 09, 2020 in Pella Windows & Doors of Pittsburgh

With the whole family home, it can be tough for everyone to get their energy out in a productive way. Parents need some peace and quiet to be able to get work done from the home office, and the kids need something to do to keep them channeling their energy to something productive. A great way to do this is to give your kids some “home improvement” projects! They get their energy out and get to feel like they’re helping mom and dad, and you get some time to get that report done. Keep in mind not all of these projects will be perfect for all ages and some may require supervision.

Reorganize Their Closets

You love your kid and would do anything for them, but you draw the line at cleaning up their closet. Channel all their extra energy into something productive by giving them some extra hangers, bins, and organizers and letting them reorganize their closet.

Paint the Mailbox

mailbox in home with pella windows

While this one may require some supervision (and a nice day), your kids will get to express their creativity and brighten the mailperson’s day, making this a win-win for everyone. 

Plant House Plants

Not only will this give your kids something to do for the day, they can take on a new important task of tending to the house plants and learn about plants, sunlight and photosynthesis in the process.

Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is another great way to let your kids express their creativity and brighten others’ days! With even more people out taking walks and going for runs, your kids’ artwork will help to cheer them on.

Decorate, Build and Fill Bird Feeders

This is another project that might require some supervision, but will also provide your kids a task to regularly perform.  You can find supplies for this either online or at your local grocery store, so no need for any non-essential trips.

Plant a Little Garden

Whether it’s in your backyard or a trendy little box garden, tending plants will keep your kids entertained, active, and getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine. If your kids want to make someone's day, have them drop off little gift gardens to the driveways of friends, family and neighbors.

Wash the Car or their Bike

Depending on their age (and the weather outside), have your kids wash the car or their own bike. They can help out and have fun playing with water in the process.

Paint Their Bookshelf

While this project may be reserved for older kids, letting them paint their bookshelf or nightstand will allow them to be creative, inspire them to clean and update their room and keep them occupied. 

Make a Jewelry (or ties and belts) Holdercrafts with pella windows

Making an accessories holder is a project that goes nicely with reorganizing a closet. You or your kids can utilize hangers, command hooks, construction paper, and picture frames to create the perfect jewelry or belt holder. For older kids with more jewelry, let them use an old, small, wood window frame as the frame like this one!

Make a Pet Bed

No need for needle and thread to make a fun, festive pet bed. You can utilize pillowcases, glue guns and decorate with whatever you have on hand or can find down the craft aisle at your local supermarket. You might need to supervise younger kids on this one, but it’s a great craft to do together and Fido will love his new bed.limby_pella_pup

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