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How to Determine What Patio Door is Best for Your Home

Posted on August 28, 2020 in Pella Windows & Doors of Pittsburgh

Summer has almost come to an end, and since many homeowners have been at home more than usual, they’re noticing more about their homes than usual. One of the most common inquiries we’ve had is in regards to patio doors. You use your patio doors the most in the summer and if yours hasn't been up to par or having some issues this summer, you noticed! Whether a sticking sliding patio door, a drafty French door, or simply the door no longer fitting the space it’s in, it might be time to consider replacing.

Learn more about your patio door replacement options, so that when next summer rolls around, you’ll be able to enjoy your patio, problem free!

So what should you be considering when replacing your patio door?


wood patio door

Wood Patio Doors

Wood is a good patio door material to consider when you are looking for a customizable or high-end look as well as style flexibility. This will allow you to create the perfect patio door for your home. In addition, Pella’s wood patio doors have an aluminum-clad exterior, making for an extremely low-maintenance and durable exterior.

Vinyl Patio Doors

Vinyl can be a great option if your absolute top priority is energy efficiency and low maintenance. Look for a vinyl patio door with a multi-chambered frame to be sure it will perform well.  Pella’s vinyl patio door has 18 air chambers to slow the transfer of heat, giving you the best fit for energy efficiency.

Fiberglass Patio Doors

Fiberglass is a good material to consider for your patio door if you’re looking for a door that’s both strong and durable but also offers you style flexibility. Fiberglass is well known for standing up against any weather condition, and in terms of style, we offer dual color frames, meaning you can have differing colors on the interior and exterior of your home.


three panel sliding patio door

While there are a lot of factors that can determine the style of patio door a homeowner wants, a big factor is the amount of space that exists in the area surrounding the patio door. There are four main styles of patio doors: sliding patio doors, hinged or French patio doors, multi-slide patio doors, and bifold patio doors.

If your space is filled with, for example, a dining room set, or is simply a smaller area, it may be best to opt for a sliding patio door. Given that this type of door doesn't swing into any space to open but rather slides into itself, sliding patio doors are the best space saver in the patio door world.

However, if you have space on your patio or even inside your home, a French patio door can also be a good fit. Hinged French patio doors at Pella are available as either in-swing or out-swing; this means that wherever you have the most space, you can make sure your door opens in that direction.

While sliding and French patio doors are usually the styles homeowners are most familiar with, there are two other styles that are great options.

Multi-slide patio doors operate similarly to sliding patio doors, but they have more panels and slide further. These can be great for a space where you don’t want anything swinging in and out but you are trying to let in more light to the area. The added glass in these doors will let in a lot more light with the same ease of operation of a regular sliding door.

Another option for letting in a lot of natural light is a bifold patio door. These operate like an accordion. One panel functions like a regular entry door and then the other panels fold back onto one another. Bifold patio doors require a bit more space than a sliding or multi-slide patio door but offer as much, if not more, glass.


french patio door

Size can be dependent upon your existing patio door, however, that doesn’t always mean you are limited. Often, there is more wiggle room than you might. This is highly dependent on your unique home of course, so ask your sales consultant if you have any flexibility in terms of size for your patio door.

While these are the three main concerns when trying to find a replacement patio door, a lot more can come into play as well when it comes down to your unique home, style and preferences. Even if you’re just beginning to look into replacing your patio door it can be extremely valuable to speak to a professional sales consultant about the process.

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